The syndicate is the executive body of the University. Subject to the provisions of the act and the statutes, it takes effective measures to raise the standard of teaching, research and publication and other academic pursuits and exercises general supervision over the affairs and management of the property of the University.


The University Syndicate consists of :


a. The Vice Chancellor Chairman
  Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad
b. Member of Provincial Assembly of the Punjab Nominated by Speaker of the Assembly:
     (Malik Muhammad Iftikhar)
c. Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, or his nominee Member
d. Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Government of Punjab, Lahore Ex-officio Member
e. Secretary Department of Livestock and Dairy Development, Government of Punjab, Lahore. Ex-officio Member
f. Secretary Department of Finance, Government of the Punjab, Lahore. Ex-officio Member
g. One nominee of the Higher Education Commission Member
h. One Dean to be nominated by the Chancellor on the recommendations of the Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Maqsood Anwar, Dean, FRM&W
i. Elected members from the faculty of the University  
  i.     Professor
       Dr.Muhammad Kausar Nawaz Shah
  ii.   Associate Professor
        Dr. Abida Akram
  iii.   Assistant Professor
       Dr. Muhammad Azam Khan
  iv.   Lecturer
       Ms. Saima Asad
j. Three persons of eminence to be nominated by the chancellor Members
k. Registrar Secretary