Directorate of Advanced Studies

Message of the Director

The Directorate of Advanced Studies seeks to: facilitate postgraduate students, researchers, helps in the determination of research priorities and monitoring of research activities and what the post graduate students do each and every day represents just that. Advanced studies and research board, faculty and staff have achieved great results through teamwork, respect and with a focus on learner outcomes our priority. With the spirit of helping one another, we have created a family atmosphere that is welcoming. DAS will continue to serve all aspects of our programs and services remaining true to our core ambition. I hope we would be able to make our modest contribution in helping students.

Dr. Muhammad Azam Khan
Director Advance Studies 

About DAS

Directorate of advanced studies and research board was established under act 1995 of acedemic concil university of arid agriculture. acedemic concil apponited three university teachers having research qualifications and experience as members of the advanced studies and research board. and the first director was Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Ch. apponited by Vice Chancellor.

In order to stify the increase demands for relevant advaced technological eduction, the directorate is responsible for postgraduate studies and researc. It helps in the determination of research priotities and monitoring of resarch activities of various postgraduate degree programs