Important Research Collaborations

  1. A letter has been drafted to be written to Director General, Tanzanian Sisal Board for import of Sisal seed/Bulbils from Tanzania (22-04-2014).

  2. A request for allocation of Sisal Centre for Research and Development (SCRD) has been made to VC (22-04-2014).

  3. Meeting with LSF on 10th of April, the idea of Sisal Centre for Research and Development (SCRD) has been proposed in Khont Farm.

  4. Visit of LSF team to Khont Farm on 16th of April, 2014 for selection of research area and SCRD.

  5. Long term collaboration with Royal Veterinary College, University of London. UK, Dr. Shamim Akhtar’s initiative. The case submitted to HEC.

  6. Rain Water Harvesting Project for all Villages of Potohar by ABAD, Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) & Base Line Survey, Questionnaire prepared and submitted to Dr. Tariq.

  7. A concept proposal submitted for KOICA project. It was discussed with KOICA delegation in a meeting with Vice Chancellor.

  8. Facilitating Dr. Tariq (BARI) in his research project: Field Study & primary data collection.

  9. Explored collaborative opportunities with RCCI.

  10. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR): Dr. Ejaz Qureshi.

  11. POF-Welfare Trust: Topographic survey and other field activities with collaboration of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology.