Faculty & Staff
Dr. Tahir Iqbal
Incharge (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Ph.D, North China Electric Power University, Beijing China, MSc (Hons.) Agricultural Engineering from University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
Phone : 051-9292163  
Mobile : +923333975194  
Fax :
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
Address : Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi
Work Experience : 9 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Farm Mechanization
  • Energy Use Efficiency in Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy and Clean Power Technologies
  • Biomass Resource Conservation
  • Total Publications : 25
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Ma, S., Hang Li., Zhang, G., Iqbal, T., Li, K., Lu, Q*. Catalytic fast pyrolysis of walnut shell for alkylphenols production with nitrogen-doped activated carbon catalyst. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering. 15, 25 (2021). Impact Factor 4.05

    2. Omer, K., Xu, MX., Rong-jun Z., Iqbal, T., Ming-feng, L., Lu, Q*. Steam reforming of toluene as a tar model compound with modified nickel-based catalyst. Frontiers in Energy. 2020. Impact Factor 1.71

    3. Iqbal, T., Lu, Q., Zheng, Ali, Z., Kai, L., Ma, S., Abbas, A., and Dong, C.Q. Catalytic fast pyrolysis of wheat stalk with transition metal nitrides to upgrade the pyrolytic products. Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy 13, 870-879 (2019). Impact Factor 3.0

    4. Ali, Z., Lu, Q., Iqbal, T., Arain, Z., Han, J., Wu, Y. W., Yang, Y. P. (2019). Poisoning effects of lead species on the V2O5-WO3/TiO2 type NH3-selective catalytic reduction catalyst. Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, e2309. Impact Factor 1.39

    5. Iqbal, T., Ali, Z., Abbas, A., Hussain, Z., Rafique, S.F., Dong, C.Q. and Lu, Q., 2019. Fast pyrolysis of agricultural residues: A sustainable way to produce clean energy. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 28 (2A), pp.1264-1272. Impact Factor 0.7

    6. Iqbal, T., Abbas, A., Ali, Z., Omar, MM., Zaman, Q., Lu, Q., "Fast pyrolysis of agricultural biomass for formation of bio-oil and other valuable chemicals". Nov 2019 in 1st International Conference of Agricultural Engineering & Technologies (ICAET- 2019), Sind Agriculture Univeristy Tandojam, Pakistan (pp. 64).

    7. Iqbal, T., Dong, C.Q., Lu, Q., Ali, Z., Khan, I., Hussain, Z. and Abbas, A., 2018. Sketching Pakistan's energy dynamics: Prospects of biomass energy. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 10(2), p.023101. Impact Factor 1.46

    8. Abbas, A., Iqbal, T., Ahmad, M., Yousaf, K., Elahi, E. and Yang, M., 2018. Implementation of a novel approach for the evaluation of energy efficiency, management needs and sustainability of wheat production. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 27(10), pp.6695-6703. Impact Factor 0.7

    9. Rafique, S.F., Shen, P., Wang, Z., Rafique, R., Iqbal, T., Ijaz, S. and Javaid, U., 2018. Global power grid interconnection for sustainable growth: concept, project and research direction. IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, 12(13), pp.3114- 3123. Impact Factor 3.4

    10. Iqbal, T., Lu, Q., Dong, C.Q., Zhou, M.X., Arain, Z., Ali, Z., Khan, I., Hussain, Z. and Abbas, A., 2018, March. A study of product distribution under fast pyrolysis of wheat stalk while producing bio-oil. In 2018 International Conference on Computing, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies (iCoMET) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

    Awards & Honors
    1. Second Prize for excellent paper of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Machinery (2014-2018).

    2. Excellent Study Award for 2017-18 for NCEPU, Beijing China

    3. Excellent Study Award for 2015-16 for NCEPU, Beijing China

    4. Achieved full bright China Scholarship for Ph.D. 2015-2019

    5. Best Student year Award for 2014-15 for NCEPU, Beijing China

    6. Achieved full bright China Scholarship for Chinese Language

    7. Office in-charge Secretariat Pakistan Society of Agricultural Engineers in 2013-14.

    8. Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding contributions on Pakistan Day Celebrations March 23rd, 2011. organized by UAF.

    9. Certificate of honour for participation in Golden Jubilees Celebration Week of Dept. of Farm Machinery, UAF March 21-26, 2011.

    10. Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding contributions on Pakistan Day Celebrations March 23rd, 2010. organized by UAF.

    11. Member Pakistan Engineering Council

    12. 2nd position final year Student on the development of Farm Machinery Model in 2009

    13. Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding contributions on Pakistan Day Celebrations March 23rd, 2009. organized by UAF.