Faculty & Staff
Qualification: Ph.D, Post Doc. (University of Reading, UK)
Area of Interest: Management of plant nematode and bacterial diseases, Entomopathogenic nematodes
Email: drtmukhtar@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D, Post Doc.
Area of Interest: Plant Bacteriology, Biological Control of Plant Diseases, Integrated Disease Management
Email: dr.inam@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D, Post Doc
Area of Interest: Plant Disease Epidemiology, Mycotoxins of Agricultural products, Plant disease Management
Email: abidriaz@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Mycology, Seed pathology, Aeromycology
Email: gulshanirshadpp@gmail.com
Qualification: Ph. D
Area of Interest: Fungal Molecular Biology, Fungal plant pathology, Genetic variation in plant pathogenic fungi, Soil-borne diseases, On-farm participatory research, Integrated disease management, Plant disease diagnosis
Email: farahnaz@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: M. Phil
Area of Interest: Plant Disease Resistance
Email: usman2012@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: Ph.D
Area of Interest: Host, vector and virus interactions, Molecular characterization of RNA Plant Viruses and to develop transgenic plants resistant against viral infections etc
Email: dr.qadir@uaar.edu.pk
Qualification: M. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture-Plant Pathology (UAF, Pakistan) Ph. D. Plant Pathology (NWSUAF, China)
Area of Interest: Plant Virology, Plant Protection, Molecular Plant Pathology, Fungal Plant Pathology, Plant-Microbe Interaction, Agricultural Information Technology, Mycotoxins, Post-Harvest Pathology
Email: sajidm1529@uaar.edu.pk; sajidm1529@gmail.com