Faculty & Staff
Dr. Arshad Nawaz Chaudhary
Associate Professor

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

PhD (Soil Science), PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi
Department of Soil Science
Phone : +92-51-4457060
Mobile : +92-300-5332120
Fax : +92-51-4457060
Email : arshadnawaz @uaar.edu.pk; anch1970@yahoo.co.uk; anch1970@gmail.com
Address : Department of Soil Science & SWC, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 46300, Pakistan
Work Experience : 20 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Waste Management of Food and Animals
  • Organic Waste Recycling
  • Composting of organic wastes
  • Total Publications : 14
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Jilani, G., S. Mahmood, A.N. Chaudhry, I. Hassan, M. Akram. 2008. Allelochemicals: sources, toxicity and microbial transformation in soil - a review. Annals of Microbiology, 58(3):351-357. (Impact factor 1.039)

    2. Chaudhry, A.N., G. Jilani, M.a. Khan, T. Iqbal. 2009. Improved processing of poultry litter to reduce nitrate leaching and enhance its fertilizer quality. Asian Journal of Chemistry, 21(7):4997-5003. (Impact factor 0.355)

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    4. Iqbal, D., U. Habib, N.A. Abbasi and A.N. Chaudhry. 2012. Improvement in postharvest attributes of zinnia (Zinnia elegans cv. Benary's giant) cut-flowers by the application of various growth regulators. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 44(3):1091-1094. (impact factor 1.207)

    5. Wei, K.S., W.L. Yang, G. Jilani, W. J. Zhou, G.K. Liu, A. N. Chaudhry, Z.Z. (cao and F.M. Cheng. 2012 Effect of high temperature on the enzymatic activities and transcriptional expression of starch debranching enzyme (DBE) multiple isoforms in developing rice endosperms. The Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences, 22(1): 97-107. (Impact factor 0.638)

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    10. Awan, F.K., M.Y. Khurshid, O. Afzal, M. Ahmed and A.N. Chaudhry. 2014. Agro- morphological evaluation of some exotic commonbean (phaseolus vulgaris l.) genotypes under rainfed conditions of Islamabad, Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 46(1): 259-264. (Impact factory 1.207)