Faculty & Staff
Dr. Munir Ahmad
Assistant Professor

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
Phone : 051-9292097
Mobile : 0300-5581682
Fax :
Email : [email protected]
Address : Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics, PMAS- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Work Experience : 8 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Cereal breeding and genetics for abiotic stress tolerance and quality improvement.
  • Total Publications : 16
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. M. Ahmad, A. Khan, G. Shabbir, M. K.N. Shah, Z. Akram and M. Tanveer. 2019. Response of bread wheat genotypes to cell membrane injury, proline and canopy temperature. Pak. J. Bot., 51(5): 1593-1597.

    2. Ibrar, D., M. A. Khan, T. Mahmood, M. Ahmad, I. A. Hafiz, S. A. Jan and R. Ahmad. 2018. Determination of Heterotic Groups among Sunflower Accessions through Morphological Traits and Total Seed Storage Proteins. IJAB, 20(9): 2025-2031.

    3. Khan, A., I. Khaliq, M. Ahmad1, H. G. M. Ahmed, A. G. Khan and M. S. Farooq. 2018. Comparative performance of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) through heat stress indices. Pak. J. Bot., 50(2): 481-488.

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    6. Munir Ahmad, Armghan Shahzad, Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Asif and Arvind H. Hirani. 2013. Morphological and molecular genetic variation in wheat for salinity tolerance at germination and early seedling stage. Aus J Crop Sci., 7(1):66-74.

    7. A. Shahzad, Munir Ahmad, M. Iqbal, I. Ahmad and G.M. Ali. 2012. Evaluation of wheat landrace genotypes for salinity tolerance at vegetative stage by using morphological and molecular markers. Genetics and Molecular Research 10(20):679-692.

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