Faculty & Staff
Dr. Fahad Masoud Wattoo
Assistant Professor (TTS)

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

PhD, Plant Breeding & Genetics
Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
Phone : +92-51-9290718
Mobile : +923004512597
Fax :
Email : [email protected]
Address : Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics, PMAS- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi
Work Experience : 2 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Crop improvement for abiotic stresses
  • Development of high yielding hybrids through conventional and molecular approaches
  • Molecular and physiological dissection of plants for abiotic stress tolerance
  • Total Publications : 10
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Identification of Drought Tolerant Maize Genotypes and Seedling based Morpho-Physiological Selection Indices for Crop Improvement. (2018). FM Wattoo, RM Rana, S Fiaz, SA Zafar, M A Noor, H Mumtaz, M. H. Bhatti, S. Rehman, G. B. Anis & R. M.Amir. Sains Malaysiana 47 (2):295-302.

    2. HSP70 Mediated Stress Modulation in Plants. (2018). RM Rana, A Iqbal, FM Wattoo, MA Khan, H Zhang - Heat Shock Proteins and Stress,

    3. Effects of Lead Salts on Growth, Chlorophyll Contents and Tissue Concentration of Rice Genotypes. (2017). MM Iqbal, G Murtaza, T Naz, NK Niazi, M Shakar, FM Wattoo, O Farooq, M. Ali , H. Rehman , I. Afzal , S. Munawar Mehdi, and A. Mahmood International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 19 (1)

    4. Interrelationships among yield and yield contributing traits in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) (2016). S. Fiaz, M. Aslam, FM Wattoo, A. Riaz. International Journal of Biosciences 9 (02):49-57

    5. Salicylic acid confers salt tolerance in potato plants by improving water relations, gaseous exchange, antioxidant activities and osmoregulation.(2016) H. N. Faried, C. M. Ayyub, M Amjad, R. Ahmed, F.M Wattoo, M. Butt, M. Bashir, M. R. Shaheen and M. A. Waqas. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 97(6):1868-1875.

    6. Genetic Variance Analysis For Morphological Traits In Maize Under Stalk Rot Stress (2016) S. H. Qureshi, A. Qayyum, M. Saeed , F.M Wattoo, G Murtaza, M. A. A. Shah and F. Shahzad .International Journal of Agriculture and Applied Science 8 (01), 72-81

    7. Qureshi, S. H.,, A. Qayyum, M. Saeed, F. M. Watto, A.Hameed, U. Khan & M. H. Sial. (2015). Resistance source detection against stalk rot (Fusarium verticilliodes) under different seasons by two disease assessment methods. International Journal of Biosciences . 6(1):130-145

    8. Wattoo, F. M., M. Saleem, M. Ahsan, & S. M. Basra,(2014). Combining ability analysis of maize under water deficit conditions. American Journal of Plant Sciences 5:1945-1955

    9. Wattoo, F. M., M. Saleem, M. Ahsan, & S. M. Basra,(2013). Genetics of Physio-Agronomic Traits in Maize under Water Deficit Conditions. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 12(4):398-409.

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