Research studies of the department are being concentrated on evaluation, characterization of germplasm, genetic and cytogenetic studies, use of biotechnological tools in crop improvement for the characters like yield, quality and drought tolerance in crops of economic importance. The department has also coordination with CIMMYT, ICARDA, BARI Chakwal and NARC, Islamabad for evaluation and screening of local and exotic germplasm.

Completed Projects

S. No. Name of Principal/Co-Investigator Project Title Sponsored by
1. Dr. Muhammad Munir (P. I.)
Dr. Saif Ullah Ajmal (Co- PI)
Screening of rapeseed genotypes for drought stress and, breeding and agronomic evaluation of oilseed crops. BARD Project, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad.
2. Dr. Muhammad Munir (P. I.) Evaluation and breeding of drought resistant/tolerant canola varieties Higher Education Commission (University Grants Commission)/AAUR
3. Mr. Mahmood-ul-Hassan (P.I.) Screening of local wheat (T. aestivum) lines/cultivars for their response to Double Haploid Production by anther culture techniques University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi
4. Dr. Muhammad Munir (P.I.) Development of High Yielding Rust Tolerant Wheat Genotypes by Using Molecular Markers Ministry of Science & Technology, Islamabad
5. Dr. Muhammad Munir (P.I.) Screening of Drought Tolerant Wheat Genotypes and Estimation of the Genetic basis. Agricultural Linkage Programme, PARC
6. Dr. Muhammad Munir (P.I.) Optimization of tissue culture techniques andAgrobacterium mediated transformation in wheat National Commission on Biotechnology
7. Dr. M .Kausar Nawaz Shah (P.I.) Identifying drought tolerant synthetic wheat lines and determining their genetic diversity through SSR markers Higher Education Commission Islamabad, Pakistan