Faculty & Staff
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph. D (Range Management) Utah State University USA
Area of Interest: Desertification control , Range Improvement & Rehabilitation , Range Monitoring & Evaluation
Qualification: Ph.D (Agro-Forestry), UAF
Area of Interest: Forest and Agro-forest Management , Forest nursery and Silviculture practices , Watershed Management
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: PhD Forestry & Env. Mgt. (Canada), MS Quality Management (PU), Diploma in University Teaching (Canada)
Area of Interest: Natural Systems Modelling, Forest Growth & Yield Modelling, Climate Change Impact Assessment, Forest Mensuration, GIS Application in Forestry, Watershed Management
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest: Range Ecology , Forest Inventory , Range Monitoring & Evaluation
Qualification: M.Sc (Hons) Forestry
Area of Interest: Forest Biomass estimation , Estimation of growth and yield of Natural Forests
Qualification: M.Sc. (Hons.) UAAR
Area of Interest: Agroforestry , Range Management , Watershed Management
Qualification: M. Phil Forestry & Range Management
Area of Interest: Silviculture, Social Forestry, Climate Change Impact Assessment, Forest Mensuration, Forest Valuation, Phytoremediation of environmental pollutants
Department of Forestry & Range Management
Professor / Chairman
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