Faculty & Staff
Dr. Lubna Ansari
Assistant Professor (TTS) (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Department of Forestry & Range Management
Phone : 051-9292134,  
Mobile :  
Fax : 051-9290487
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
Address : Department of Forestry & Range Management, University of Arid Agriculture, Murree Road, Ra
Work Experience : 13 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Forest Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Abiotic stress( salt and drought)
  • Plant hormones
  • Plant ecology
  • Range Management
  • Forest growing stock.
  • Total Publications : 13
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Ahmad Hussain, Hidayatullah, Naveed Alam, Lubna Ansari, Umer Habib and Sadia Alam. 2019. Impact of Ecological Variables and Anthropogenic Disturbances on Chir Pine Regeneration In District Swat. Accepted. Fresinius Environmental Bulletin.

    2. GauharAli ,SadafSiddque , Muhammad Suliman , Aitezaz Muhammad Khan , Saqib Abu Bakar and Lubna Ansari. 2018. Eeefectof canopy cover on natural regeneration of Pinuswallichiana in moist temperate forest of YakhTangay, District Shangla, Swat Pakistan. FUUAST J.BIOL., 8(2): 193-201.

    3. Zia Ullah, L. Ansari, A.Khaliq, S. N. Mirza, A. Rashid. 2018. Effects of Nutrients on Nodule Differentiation in Acacia modesta.In international conference proceedings:International Horticulture Conference held on 25-27 April, 2018atPMAS - Arid Agriculture University, Pakistan

    4. Ansari, L. A. Bano, S. N. Mirza, R. Hayat-A First approach in Pakistan towards nodule bacteria evaluation.2017.In international conference proceedings:International conference "Conventional and Modern Approaches in Plant Sciences (CMAPS-2017) held on 28-29 November at Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan.

    5. Ansari, L. A. Bano, S. N. Mirza, R. Hayat. 2017. Enhancement of tree seed germination and Growth by using PGPRs: A first Approach in Pakistan.In international conference proceedings:Dynamic Trends in Plant Sciences-Fostering Environment and Food Security 6th International and 15th National Conference held during May 9-11, 2017 at SBK women UniversityQuetta, Pakistan.

    6. Hina Tariq , Nizami Syed Moazzam , Lubna Ansari , Iqra Naeem , Talal Asif , Abdul Raqeeb , Rukhsana Kausar. 2017. Litter fall quantity, root density, biomass and decomposition rate in Dalbergia sissoo: a nutrient cycling perspective. IJBES. 10 (6): 38-49.

    7. Falak Naz, Muhammad Zahid Kiani, Lubna Ansari, Azeem Khalid.2018. Performance evaluation of rhizobacteria on wheat crop under drought condition.International Journal of Biosciences.12(6):470-475.

    8. Anwar, T., Ilyas, N., Qureshi, R., Munazir, M., Khan, A. M., Ansari, L., Raheem, B. Z., Ansari, K. A., Panni, M. K.2018. Allelopathic Activity of Solvent Extracts of Rhyza Stricta Decne along Selected Weeds of Wheat Crop. Int J. Appl. Ecol. Environ. Res., 16(5):5405-5421.

    9. Ansari, L. A. Bano, S. N. Mirza, R. Hayat. 2016.Evaluation of rhizospheric soil of nodulated tree species ofPothwar. In international conference proceedings: A three-day International conference on Asia-Pasific Policy Dialogue on Water, Energy and Food Security for Poverty Alleviation in Dry land Regions held during November 23-25, 2016 atPMAS - Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

    10. Ansari, L. A. Bano, S. N. Mirza, R. Hayat. 2016. Effect of consortium of bacterial species on Germination and Growth. In international conference proceedings: 16th International Congress of Soil Science held during March15-17, 2016 atPMAS- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan.