Department of Mathematics


The establishment of the Mathematics department was approved in the 45th meeting of the Academic Council in 2013 and has also approved its name as the Department of Mathematics instead of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.


The Department of Mathematics initiated its first MSc degree program in 2014 with the vision of providing the best mathematicians and provide best mathematical education. It has produced a numerous brilliant graduates in Mathematics at the postgraduate level. Presently the department is offering BS Mathematics and MPhil Mathematics. The philosophy and objectives of these programs are centered on the aims to provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of mathematics and their practical basis, and to enable students to acquire specialized knowledge and understanding of selected aspects by means of a stem/branch lecture series and a research project. It provides students with advanced integrated knowledge, strength, self-reliance, economic emancipation, and the broadening of opportunities through the well-coordinated education of citizens. The department is also providing supporting/minor courses to other departments of the university at the graduate and post-graduate levels. The Department's main goal is to create mathematical thinkers, academic researchers, and instructors for the future at BS and MPhil levels.


BS Mathematics is the 4 years degree program, is launched in 2021 and the courses have been designed as per the curriculum approved by the Higher Education of Commission (HEC), Pakistan. The program core objectives are to produce graduates who can effectively team up with entrepreneurs and industrialists to obtain solutions to their problems at the national and international level via mathematical and research skills gathered during their course of studies.


The M.Phil. in Mathematics is a two years degree program started in 2022, focusing on strengthening the ability of students in mathematical logic and reasoning. Students in this program prepare themselves either for their further improvement in the field of Mathematics or for jobs in academic, industrial, business, and government/non-government organizations. The program offers a flexible framework, including a scheme of courses covering major areas of Mathematics, like Pure Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Financial Mathematics.



The vision of the department is to give quality education, provide a conducive environment for learning and give extensive support to the students to learn the fundamental concepts that constitute the leading department in the field of Mathematics.



The mission of the department is to produce true researchers and professionally skilled students by modernizing the basic and applied knowledge of the subject to make Mathematics viable science for other disciplines. Our ultimate goal is to develop the department into an authentic source of learning and consultation in the fields of Mathematics for researchers and professionals from all applied sciences.

Depatment of Mathematics