Department of Mathematics

The Department of Statistics & Mathematics is one of the most dynamic at UAAR. Consisting of 6 full time academic members of staff, the Department provides expertise in a wide range of activities including research, teaching and consulting.


The department encompasses a broad range of research interests, supporting a variety of options for postgraduate research.


Undergraduate courses and a range of Masters courses are available designed to take advantage of the demands of the modern statistical workplace. Graduates with an UAAR degree in Statistics can be assured of a highly portable and valued skill set for their chosen profession.



The Department was established in 1995. The Department offers various courses & programs both at undergraduate and post graduate levels for the students of Agricultural, Biological Sciences & Business Management in addition to its own program leading to M.Sc. Statistics. In M.Sc. degree program, the following areas of study are highly emphasized:


  • Experimental Design
  • Regression Analysis & Econometrics
  • Demography
  • Probability Theory
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Information Technology


Research Facilities

The department is equipped with a computer lab. of 20 computers. They are installed with statistical softwares like SPSS, MINITAB, SAS, MATLAB, STATISTICA, MSTATC. That lab is not only used for the Data Analysis but also for the short courses at under graduate & post graduate level studies.

Depatment of Mathematics