Department of Education

Message of the Chairman  


Nurturing a vibrant, dynamic, international and inter-disciplinary community is at the heart of what we do in promoting excellence in the professions of teaching and social science. With experienced and committed staff who have considerable field experience; world-class information and communication technology resources; together with a new purpose-built teaching facility that is second to none, the Department of Education offers an exciting and rewarding environment for undergraduate and postgraduate study and research.


Ranked amongst the country's leaders in professional education, we offer a range of learning and research opportunities. Our programmes are professionally recognized to meet the needs of busy professionals, to research opportunities that use rigorous scientific enquiry that underpin curriculum development while informing national policy making. Through our well established expertise the institute reaches out at an international level to build capacity and expertise within these professions.



Whether you are a student, family member, educator or business leader, I invite you to join us in our quest - to continuously improve the educational opportunities available to students at Department of Education. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you to ensure an excellent education for each and every student, at every school, every day.


Dr. Muhammad Imran Yousuf



To upgrade the education and skills women & teachers, particularly in arid areas, initially it was focused to initiate educational, social and economic empowerment programmes by imparting informal education to community. A women development project entitled "Women Training Institute for Cottage Industries" sponsored by the Ministry of Women Development, was established in 1989. This programme offered a number of short-term income generating courses for women of the area. These courses were widely appreciated and became very popular among the community. With up-gradation of Agricultural College to the University, demand for women education increased and to exclusively cater this need, a Division of Continuing Education, Home Economics and Women Development was created in accordance with the University Act, 1995. Short duration certificate courses have been conducted in almost 25 fields. The feedback of these courses confirms that a significant number of students have benefited by these skills and have improved their economic conditions. Division became defunct with creation of Department of Education under newly established Faculty of Social Sciences.



Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme was initiated in 1997 and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme in 1999. With the initiation of these teacher education programmes, the facility became available to the prospective teachers at their doorsteps. With the beginning of the 21st century, higher education in Pakistan entered into a new era. Overall, Universities in Pakistan extended their infrastructure and started many new degree programmes at Bachelor, Master, M.Phil. and Ph.D. levels. Likewise, this university also extended its degree programmes. At the same time, the demand of teacher education increased to a great extent in the country. Therefore, M.Sc. Education and M. Phil. Education in 2010, PhD Education in 2012 and B.ED. (Hons) were initiated.




Our vision is to be a premier, world class department/institute in which every graduate acquires an excellent education. Our department will be a welcoming center organized by high quality teaching and learning.



Inspire our graduates to be passionate lifelong learners through a curriculum with pedagogical integrity, which allows them to always inquire, innovate, and contribute in a meaningful way to the society.