Faculty & Staff
Dr. Qaisara Parveen
Associate Professor/Director WDSC (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Ph. D, Post Doct Australia
Department of Education
Phone : +92-519292206
Mobile :
Fax :
Email : drqaisara@uaar.edu.pk
Address : Department of Education, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, 46300
Work Experience : 16 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Experimental Research
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • Total Publications : 43
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Akhtar, S., Yousuf, M, I., Parveen, Q. (2022). The perception of Physical Education Teachers towards Physical Education at Public Secondary Schools Punjab, Pakistan. Global Social Sciences Review, 7(I), 134-146

    2. Parveen, Q., Yousuf, M. I. & Hanif, M. (2021). Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset through Entrepreneurial Education: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Development and Social Sciences. 2(4): 679-691

    3. Gul, S., Parveen, Q., & Yousuf, M. I. (2021) Role of Research Supervisors to Implement Ethical Practices in Research of Social Sciences. 5(4), 737-751

    4. Ain, Q., Dahar, M. A. & Parveen, Q. (2021). Effects of Paternal Heroin Addictive Behavior on Academic Grades of Their Children at Secondary School Level. Research Journal of Social Sciences & Economic Review 2(2): 196-205.

    5. Ahmed, W., Parveen, Q. & Dahar, M. A. (2021). Role of Learning Management System in Distance Education: A case Study of Virtual University of Pakistan. Sir Syed Journal of Education & Social Sciences. 4(1):119-125

    6. Akhtar, S., Yousuf, M. I. & Parveen, Q. (2021). Gender and Age Difference in Attitude of Secondary School Students Towards Physical Activities and Barriers. A Study from Pakistan. International Review of Social Sciences. 9(2):191-203

    7. Maqbool, S., Parveen, Q. & Yousuf, I. (2021). Economic Empowerment of Women through Entrepreneurial Education in Pakistan: Issues and Challenges. Pakistan Social Sciences Review. 5(2):143-154

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    9. Parveen, Q. (2020). Prevalence of Mental Health Problems among Young Children and Perceived Barriers to Receiving Mental Health Care. Ponte, International Journal of Sciences and Research. 76(6/1):46-59

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