Seminar on Voters Education

An awareness seminar on Voters Education was held at Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) on March 1, 2018. The seminar was organized by Directorate of Students Affair in collaboration with Election Commission of Pakistan with an aim to sensitize the youth about the importance of vote and democracy to strengthen the national integrity through participation and owing electoral system. Speakers at seminar on Voters Education stressed the significance and need of vote casting for strengthening the democratic system in Pakistan and said, "Vote is not only a political responsibility, it is a social and religious responsibility as well. Its social dignity is that one must continue the right of vote not for the political development but for the economic and social development as well." They were in view that democracy cannot run without the participation of people at large and the person who deny for casting vote also denies the fundamental rights, right to ownership as well as decision making. Such these people have no right to claim from and blame on the government, they added. Prof. Dr Sarwat N Mirza was the chief guest while Mr. Naeem Ahmed, District Election Commissioner (Rawalpindi 2) Mr. Saleem Akhter, District Election Commissioner (Rawalpindi 1) and Syed Kousar Abbas, Executive Director Sustainable Social Development Organization, faculty members and a large number of students also attended the seminar. Prof. Dr Sarwat N. Mirza lauded the efforts of Directorate of Students Affair for arranging the seminar to signify the importance of vote and said, "Vote casting is the most important step for the establishment of democratic setup. Every vote is very much precious in perspective of electing the right person as well as it a social and a national responsibility of every citizen for the development of the country. He hoped that students will use their right of vote and also convey the message to exercise the right of vote to other as well. Mr. Naeem Ahmed guide on the procedures, method and setup of election Commission of Pakistan and said, overall turnover was 52% in 2013 Election whereas, women turnover was very low at that time for the purpose Gender wing and women NGO's would work to facilitate women. He also said Display centers are being established by April for the registration of voters and hoped for the maximum turnover in 2018 election. Syed Kousar Abbass said that one must acknowledge the representation, legislation and oversight of the candidate to whom vote been cast either the candidate represented your issues in National Assembly or senate or has proposed any bill for the welfare of his constituency and oversight the performance of the candidate before casting the vote. Mr. Saleem Akhter said Vote is a social responsibility as well as an obligation towards country. Everyone must vote their cast independently without any perception, prejudice of area, language or any other factors .Muzhar Hussain Bhutto, Associate Professor also addressed the audience and highlighted the importance of vote. Also a walk was observed at the campus for the awareness of the right to cast vote.