Chinese Delegation Visited PMAS-AAUR

A Chinese delegation headed by Professor Debin Zhang, Huazhong Agriculture University, Wohan, China visited Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR), on February 25, 2019.

The Chinese Delegates were called upon by the Vice Chancellor of PMAS-AAUR Prof. Dr Nadeem Akhtar Abassi for sharing research ideas and collaborations between both universities. Both sides agreed to enhance possible research collaboration in view of MoU already signed between both Universities

Vice Chancellor emphasized that there should be arrangements for estimation of agricultural commodities what can be exported to China and what can be taken from China. Other member of the China delegation Dr. Muhammad Rizwan also shared his views for possible research collaboration between both universities and the countries.

Vice Chancellor PMAS-AAUR also stressed the importance of improving bilateral trade ties between China and Pakistan and identification of different traded and potential trade commodities between China and Pakistan.

On the occasion, Faculty of Social Sciences also arranged a seminar for enhancing research collaboration between Huazhong Agriculture University China and PMAS-AAUR.

All faculty members and PhD scholars of Faculty of Social Sciences participated in the collaborative meeting. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Professor Dr. Abdul Saboor chaired the seminar. Professor Debin Zhang of Huazhong Agriculture University China presented his research work before the audience on Decision making and risk aversion modeling in China.

Faculty members and PhD Scholars showed interest in the research work and shared many questions and comments with the presenter. Faculty members also presented their research work on Hydroponics and CGE modeling.

Professor Debin Zhang of Huazhong Agriculture University China showed interest in the improving research ties with the Faculty in lieu of MOU signed between both the collaborative universities. PhD Scholars also shred their research work with the delegate.

Dr Rizwan suggested for development of research team in different research areas or effective research collaboration. Prof. Dr. Abdul Saboor stressed the need for linking research work with policy for its effective contribution in economic development of the country.