University Green Office


Green Office of PMAS-AAUR is the platform for students and employees of the University where sustainable ideas are shaped, plans are put together and projects are launched, all with the objective to make the university more sustainable. This office also raises awareness among students and staff about the sustainable achievements and ambitions of the PMAS-AAUR. Currently, the University Green Office works under the Department of Planning & Development in cooperation with the Transport department of the university. It plans and takes the necessary measures to improve the University in accordance with environmental standards and national and international indicators, in order to implement the university’s environmental policies in areas such as waste management, green transportation, energy efficiency, green architecture, using clean technologies and institutionalization of environmental ethics.


Plan and take the necessary measures for implementation of green management and enhancement of the university based on environmental standards. Achieving the standards of "green university" on the national and international level

  • Reduce the consumption of natural resources in offices of University.
  • Planning and partnerships to achieve environmental goals. Strategic Planning and proper implementation of the university’s master plan in issues such as traffic management, energy and green buildings.
  • Policy making for energy efficiency and use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Solid Waste Management with an emphasis on source sorting and reduction of waste production by declaring the campus "Zero solid waste campus".
  • Monitoring the activities of the various units of the University in order to follow principles of Green Management..
  • Aligning environmental activities in different areas in order to prevent parallel tasks.
  • Taking incentive policies for the participants in the Green Management of the University.
  • Promoting the principles of environmental education at the university level and society.
  • Engagement and participation in environmental policy and planning in twin cities of Rawalpindi & Islamabad.
  • Encouraging and support of environmental NGOs (NGO) and environmental organizations in the University.

Major Steps Taken for Campus Sustainability

  • Zero Solid Waste Campus Through Establishment of Integrated Waste Management Station.
  • Establishment of On-Campus Rain Water Harvesting Pond at Main Campus and University Research Farm.
  • An Indigenous Water Use Efficient Hydroponic System.
  • Model University Research Farm.
  • Annual Tree Plantation Campaign by the Students and Faculty.

Future Vision

  • Intensive Tree Plantation
  • Green Transportation
  • Solarization of University by Using its Rooftops
  • Energy efficient appliances usage in the University Offices
Directorate of Planning & Development