Director's Message

The University Management is committed to provide conducive learning environment to its students during their academic pursuit and to cater their interest out of academic life. Our pursuit in extension of gizmos and gadgets of cutting edge technology to our academia has necessitated a close collaboration/linkage with different stakeholders for mutual benefits.

Students Resource Centre (SRC) has been entrusted a spectrum of responsibilities pertaining to resource & consultation services to it students/graduates. SRC is a central point of students counseling - an effort to match the in-house talent with needs of the market depending upon their academic and non academic strengths and weaknesses. In addition to regulate university financial resources meant for deserving and meritorious students, acquisition of external resources for student’s welfare is the priority agenda of SRC. We strongly believe that transition from education to employment is a massive leap for most young people; therefore SRC is struggling to pave the linkage among the students/graduates; prospective employers and scholarships benefactor. Alumni are recognized as ambassadors of Alma Mater and a great source of strength for graduates’ welfare and university advancement. Therefore; SRC is making its best efforts to ameliorate social interaction among graduates by re-organizing the Alumni. Prompt dissemination of information regarding different jobs, scholarships, skill enhancement training facilities, workshops, seminars etc. and other events/activities at the campus to the Registered Graduates at their door step through electronic mail is the regular feature of SRC. This multi-dimensional approach of SRC to beatify all its stakeholders requires teamwork and well wishes to emulate this mission.

Syeda Iram Umer