Sub Campus Khushab

About Campus

Agricultural Potential and specific ecological conditions of the region led to the establishment of PMAS-AAUR Sub-Campus Khushab in 2007. Sub-Campus is situated 2 Km away in the west side of Khushab and 3 km in east side of Jauharabad. The renovation of Campus building was started in 2007. Two academic blocks, one for the Department of Veterinary Sciences, second for the Agriculture have been renovated. Laboratories, departments have been established for conduct of practical work. More over, construction of other academic blocks for Agriculture, Livestock Departments and Administration Block will be started soon.

The Campus is offering Veterinary Diploma and short courses i.e. Diploma in Agricultural Sciences (DAS) of three years, Livestock Assistant Diploma course (LAD) of two years, Artificial Insemination and Reproductive Health Management of Dairy Animals (AIRHD) one year diploma course and two short courses of six months duration Poultry Management and Poultry Disease Protection. The Campus is working under the Supervision of Project Director.

Courses Offered

The university offers following diploma courses at this Campus.

  1. Livestock Assistant Diploma (LAD)
  2. Artificial Insemination and Reproductive Health Management of Dairy Animals (AIRHD)
  3. Diploma in Agricultural Sciences (DAS)


Mr. Alam Sher Assistant Professor Project Director
Mr. Muhammad Abid Lecturer Food Technology
Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Lecturer Veterinary Microbiology
Mr. Abdul Ahad Lecturer Horticulture
Mr. Imran Mehmood Lecturer Agronomy
Mr. Shujjat Hussain Lecturer Clinical Medicine & Surgery
Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Lecturer Animal Reproduction
Mr. Shafaqat Ali Lecturer Computer Science
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