Faculty & Staff
Dr. Feroza Hamid Wattoo
Associate Professor (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Ph.D. Post Doc (USA)
Phone :  
Mobile :  
Fax : +92-51-9290160
Email : [email protected], [email protected]
Address : University Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (UIBB) , PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Shamsabad, Murree Road Rawalpindi
Work Experience : 18 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Agricultural Biochemistry (Food and Nutritional Chemistry)
  • Clinical & Environmental Biochemistry
  • Bionanotechnology & Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Biophysics & Biophotonics
  • Total Publications : 45
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. S.Ata, F.H.Wattoo M.Ahmed, M.H.S.Wattoo, S.A.Tirmizi, A.Wadood. A method optimization study for atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of total zinc in insulin using direct aspiration technique, Alexandria J. Medicine, 51, 19-23 (2015) (ISI Indexed Journal, available on sciencedirect.com).

    2. Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Feroza Hamid Wattoo, Mehwish Yaseen, Sadia Atta, Muhammad Hamid Sarwar Wattoo, Sheikh Asrar Ahmad, Asad Gulzar. In-vitro binding assay study of 99mTc-flouroquinolones with E. coli, Salmonella and Ps. Aeruginosa" Alexandria J. Medicine,51, 47-52: (2015) (ISI Indexed Journal, available on sciencedirect.com).

    3. Sadia Ata, Feroza Hamid Wattoo, Muhammad Imran Din, Muhammad Hamid Sarwar Wattoo, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Syed Ahmed Tirmizi, Pauzi Abdullah "Critical Study of Multiple Regressions Modelling for Monitoring of Haloacetic Acids in Water Reservoirs" Arabian J. Sci. & Eng. (AJSE) 40(1),101-108, 2015. (ISI Indexed Journal, JCR-2012 Impact factor 0.37)

    4. M.A.Imran, F.H.Wattoo, M.N.Chaudhry, M.H.S.Wattoo, K.R.Masood. "Impact of Inorganic Arsenicals on Vegetative Growth of Two Pakistani Origins Sunflower Cultivars". Journal of Chemistry Article ID 275830, 7 pages http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2015/275830 (2015) (ISI Indexed Journal, JCR-2012 Impact factor 0. 0.772)

    5. L.A.Krueger, D.C.Beitz, K.Onda, M.Osman, M.R.O'Neil, S.Lei, F.H.Wattoo, R.L.Stuart, H.D.Tyler, B.Nonnecke. "Effects of D-?-tocopherol and dietary energy on growth and health of preruminant dairy calves". J. Dairy Sci. 97:3715-3727, 2014. (ISI Indexed Journal, JCR-2012 Impact factor (2.566).

    6. S.Ata, F.H. Wattoo, I.Qasim, M.H.S Wattoo, "Monitoring of anthropogenic influences on underground and surface water quality of Indus River at district Mianwali-Pakistan"., Turk. J. Biochem. 3(1) : 9-13,2013. (ISI Indexed Journal, JCR-2012 Impact factor 0.211).

    7. S.Ata, F.H. Wattoo, Momina Feroz, M.H.S Wattoo, S.A Tirmizi, M.J Asad, "Analytical investigation of selected pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables by an improved extraction method using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography", Ethiopian J. Environ. Studs. & Management 6(4), 342-347, 2013 (ISI Indexed Journal).

    8. K.Mahmood, F.H.Wattoo, M.H.S.Wattoo, M.Imran, M.J.Asad, S.A.Tirmizi, "Spectrophotometeric Estimation of Cobalt with Ninhydrin" Saudi J. Biol. Sci. 19(2):247-250, 2012 (ISI Indexed Journal, available on sciencedirect.com)

    9. M.H.S.Wattoo, A.Quddos, A.Wadood, M.B.Khan, F.H.Wattoo, S.A.Tirmizi, K.Mahmood, "Synthesis, characterization and impregnation of lead sulphide semiconductor nanoparticle on polymer matrix" J. Saudi Chem. Soc. 16: 257-261, 2012. (ISI Indexed Journal; JCR-2012 Impact Factor 1.288).

    10. S.Ata, F.H.Wattoo, L.R.Sidra, M.H.S.Wattoo, S.A.Tirmizi Imran Din and I.U.Mohsin, "Biosorptive removal of lead and cadmium ions from aqueous solution: The use of carrot residues as low cost non-conventional adsorbent" Turk. J. Biochem. 37(3): 272-279, 2012. (ISI Indexed Journal, JCR-2012 Impact factor 0.211).

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