UIIT Administration
Qualification: PhD, ITC, University of Twente, the Netherlands
Visiting Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Area of Interest: Image Processing, GIS, Data Mining using integrated environments and Decision Support Systems
Phone #: +92-051-9292195
Qualification: MS (Software Systems & Engineering)
Area of Interest: Software Engineering Processes , Requirement Engineering , Software Project Management
Phone #: +92-51-9062333
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Qualification: PhD
Area of Interest: Wireless Sensor Network, Biomedical signal and image processing, Through-The- Wall Radar Imaging and sensing, Visible light communication, Energy Efficient Optimal Cluster Based Routing Protocol in Ad hoc Wireless Network, Artificial Intelligence related topics, Internet of things and multimedia-Enabled mobile-learning
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Qualification: MS(CE)
Area of Interest: Information Security & Computer Networks
Phone #: +92-51-9062302
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Qualification: MSc(Chem), MCS, CCNA
Area of Interest: WAN/LAN,VoIP,NMS, Wireless, Servers (Linux and Microsoft DNS/DHCP/DC etc),ISA/TMG, ESX
Phone #: +92-51-9062319
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