Dr. Tariq Ali
Assistant Professor

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

Ph.D(Abasyn), MS (MAJU), BSIT (Gomal)
University Institute of Information Technology
Phone : 051-9292195  
Cell : 0092-3339974661  
Fax :
Email : [email protected]
Address : Office No. 2, UIIT, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Work Experience : 10 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Semantic Computing
  • Databases
  • Total Publications : 20
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Rehman, S. U., Ahmad, M., Nawaz, A., & Ali, T. (2020). An Efficient Approach for Vehicle Number Plate Recognition in Pakistan. The Open Artificial Intelligence Journal, 6(1). (ISI Indexed)

    2. Ahmad, M., Qadir, M. A., Rahman, A., Zagrouba, R., Alhaidari, F., Ali, T., & Zahid, F. (2020). Enhanced query processing over semantic cache for cloud based relational databases. JOURNAL OF AMBIENT INTELLIGENCE AND HUMANIZED COMPUTING. (IF=1.910)

    3. Ali, T., Nawaz, A., & Sadia, H. A. (2019). Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Selection Technique for Electroencephalography Data. Applied Computer Systems, 24(2), 119-127. (ISI Indexed)

    4. Nawaz, A., Awan, A. A., Ali, T., & Rana, M. R. R. (2019). Product's behaviour recommendations using free text: an aspect based sentiment analysis approach. Cluster Computing, 1-13. (IF 1.85)

    5. Ali, T., & Asghar, S. (2019). Efficient label ordering for improving multi-label classifier chain accuracy. Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 47(2). (IF=0.43)

    6. Ali, T., & Asghar, S. (2018). Multi-label scientific document classification. Journal of Internet Technology, 19(6), 1707-1716. (IF=1.93)

    7. Ahmad, M., Qadir, M. A., & Ali, T. (2017). Indexing for semantic cache to reduce query matching complexity. Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka, 45(1). (IF=0.43)

    8. Sabir, M. M., & Ali, T. (2016). Optimal PID controller design through swarm intelligence algorithms for sun tracking system. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 274, 690-699. (IF=1.5)

    9. Khatoon, A., Hafeez, Y., Asghar, S., & Ali, T. (2014). An ontological framework for requirement change management in distributed environment. Nucleus, 51(2), 291-301. (HEC = Y Category)

    10. Ali, T., Asghar, S., Sajid, N. A., & Ahmad, M. (2013). Classification of scientific publications using swarm intelligence. Proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, 50(2), 115-126. (HEC = W Category)