University Institute of Information Technology is building its research foundations in a systematic track. At undergraduate level, UIIT contributes in Applied Computing by producing software projects. More than two hundred software projects has been successfully completed, among those several projects have received national acclaim in many software competitions. Literary contribution in different domains has been done by several graduate level students under supervision of UIIT faculty members.

Since beginning, UIIT has a strong emphasis on improving quality of its education. This continuous improvement is being done through research oriented techniques. In this regard several interest groups of relevant domains are formulated. These interest groups works on identifying latest updates of their specific domain. Also courses are continuously evaluated in periodic meetings of these interest groups.

Data Mining and Machine Learning
Dr. Mobushir Riaz Khan
Saif Ur Rehman
Saleem Iqbal
Syed Mushhad Mustuzhar Gilani
Software Engineering Rsearch Group
Dr. Yasir Hafeez
Nasir Mehmood Minhas
Dr. Mamoona Humayun
Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Muhammad Azeem Abbas
Ph.D Scholars
Zafar Iqbal
Nasir Mahmood