Faculty & Staff
Qualification: PhD
Area of Interest:
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Ph.D. (Economics) , MBA
Area of Interest: Organizational Behaviour, Marketing Management, Gender Mainstreaming
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: PhD (HRM)
Area of Interest: Employability Traits, Poverty Allevation, Organizational Development, Trade Cycle, Employee Performance, Effects of Motivation.
Qualification: PhD-Finance (In progress), MS- (Finance)
Area of Interest: Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance, Dividend Policy, Capital Markets, Mutual Funds Performance Analysis
Qualification: PhD (In progress), M.Phil Economics
Area of Interest: Human behaviour as factor productivity. , Socio-economics Institutions. , Financial Volatility
Qualification: PhD (In progress), M.Phil. (Management)
Area of Interest: Working behaviour , Human resource , Stress, Conflict
HEC Approved Supervisor
Qualification: Post-Doc, PhD, MS, MBA (Finance), MSc. (Economics), Bsc (Mathematics)
Area of Interest: Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Management, Behavioral Finance, Portfolio Management, Quantitative Techniques
Qualification: MS FINANCE (In progress), MBA (FINANCE), BBA (HONS)
Area of Interest: International trade , Portfolio Management
Qualification: MBA (Finance),CA, Ph.D (in Process)
Area of Interest: Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management , International Financial Management , Managerial and Financial Accounting
Qualification: MS/M.Phil, MBA
Area of Interest: Behavioural Finance
Qualification: PhD (Management Sciences) in progress, MS (Management Sciences),MBA
Area of Interest: Relationship Marketing , CRM
Qualification: Phd (Management Sciences) in progress, MS (Management Sciences)
Area of Interest: Change Management, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Human Resource Development
Qualification: PhD (In progress), MS-TQM (Sweden)
Area of Interest: Total Quality Management
Qualification: Ms-Strategic Entrepreneurship (Sweden), Ms-Accounting and Finance (Pakistan)
Area of Interest: Behavioral Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Supply chain, Islamic Finance, Innovation & Business Creation
Qualification: MBA 3.5 Years (Banking and Finance)
Area of Interest: International Finance, Corporate Finance, Islamic Banking, Cost and Management Accounting
Qualification: MS (HRM)
Area of Interest: Psychological empowerment, Knowledge Management, Learning organizations, Political skills, Personality
Qualification: PhD (In progress), MBA (Finance), BBA (Hons)
Area of Interest: Management. Finance
Qualification: MS (Marketing)
Area of Interest: