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Approved Research Areas

Supervisor committee

1 Jawad Ahmed Relationship between workplace mistreatment and on-job behaviors (Psychological Capital as moderator). Dr. M. RazzaqAthar
2 Muhammad Mansoor Ali Examining Personal, Financial and Environmental Conditions for Entrepreneurial Efficacy in Agriculture Sector Pakistan. Dr. Farida Faisal
3 AamirAmanat The Impact of Political Risk, Corporate Political Strategies on Cost of Debt and Cost of Equity: The Study of Agriculture and non-financial Sector of Pakistan. Dr. Ahmed Imran
4 Muhammad Munir Ahmad Measuring the Impact of Asymmetric Information on the Financing and Investment Decisions of Agriculture Allied & other non-financial firms listed at Pakistan Stock Exchange. Dr. Ahmed Imran
5 Anwar Hussain A Comparative Study on Risk Adjusted Determinants of Working Capital and its Practices Across Food and Manufacturing Sector of AAARC Countries. Dr.Ahmed Imran
6 Ms. Sahrish Saba Interaction Between Moral Identity Centrality and Individual’s Workplace Behavior’s. Dr. Rauf-i-Azam
7 Muhammad Munir Reducing the Incidence of Workplace Bullying and Mitigating its Impact on Employee Performance. Dr. Rauf-i-Azam
8 Malik Muhammad Faisal Determinants and Outcomes of Consumer Green Attitude: Moderating Role of Degree of Greenness and Price Consciousness. Dr. M. RazzaqAthar
9 Ms. Nadia Noor Horizontal Hostility Among Women Working in Formal and Agriculture Sector of Pakistan. Dr. Farida Faisal
10 Rubab Tahir A Moderated Mediation Analysis of Green Organizational Culture, Employee Motivation and Organization Performance: An Empirical Study In Agri-Inputs Industry. Dr. M. RazzaqAthar
11 Abaidullah Anwar Aging and Employee-Employer Relationships: Reflection on Psychological Contrast and Social Production Function. Dr. M. RazzaqAthar
12 Hasan Ali Mughal Exploration of Organic Food Industry Through Consumer Awareness, Supply Chain Management and Government Intervention. Dr. Farida Faisal
13 Junaid Ahmad Kayani Marketing Strategies and Consumer Behavior Patterns of Bottled Drinking Water Brands in Pakistan: an Integrated Marketing Approach. Dr. Farida Faisal
14 Muhammad Sabih Javed Exploring Performance Potential Through Improved 21st Century Skills: Empirical Evidence of Agri Varsities in Pakistan. Dr. M. Razzaq Athar
15 Rashid Mehmood Corporate Diversification Cost of Capital, Financial Policies and Firms Performance: Evidence From Pakistan. Dr.Ahmed Imran
16 Hannan Afzal Towards an Understanding of the Impediments That Hamper Popularization of Packaged Milk in Pakistan. Dr. Farida Faisal