Scheme of Studies

Course Work: Each student admitted to PhD in Management Sciences will have to complete 18 credit hours of course work as described below.

Core Courses: 09 credit hours as given in Table-2

Elective Courses:

  • 09 credit hours according to the following split
  • 06 credit hours from the selected area of specialization
  • 03 credit hours of free elective, preferably, from a subject/discipline other than a student’s own specialization

Fee Structure:

  • Fee for the taught courses will be as charged for the MS (Management Sciences) on the basis of credit hours registered.
  • Fee for the subsequent semesters (after completion of the courses) will be same as the fees charged for PhD students in other faculties/departments.

To pass the course work component and to qualify to proceed further a student will be required to have a minimum CGPA of 3.0.

A suggested schedule of study is given in Table-1 below.


Core Courses Two 6 Credit Hours
Elective Courses One 3 Credit Hours
Core Courses one 3 Credit Hours
Elective Courses Two 6 Credit Hours
Semester-III and Onwards
Thesis 50 Credit Hours
Total 68 Credit Hours

Each student admitted to the PhD (Management Sciences) degree will have to study and pass all the three Core Courses listed in Table-2 below.


Core Courses

S. No Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1. MGT-771 Management Thoughts and Philosophy 3(3-0)
2. MGT-772 Advanced Research Techniques 3(3-0)
3. MGT-773 Special Topics in Management Sciences 3(3-0)