Faculty & Staff
Dr Kashif Ishaq
Lecturer (HEC Approved Supervisor)

PhD, DVM, OJT (SNU, South Korea)
Department of Livestock Production & Management
Phone : +92-51-9200115  
Mobile : +92-321-6619096  
Fax :
Email : [email protected]
Address : Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi. 46300
Work Experience : 10 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Quality meat production from goats under high input feeding system
  • Small ruminants production in the Rangelands
  • Production systems of small ruminantsMilk adulteration screening
  • Total Publications : 11
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Kashif I., Muhammad Younas, Muhammad Riaz and Mubarak Ali. 2016. Growth performance and carcass traits of various classes of Beetal kids under high input feeding system. Pak. J. Agri. Sci. 53(1): 277-282. (W category)

    2. M Younas, I. Kashif, Muhammad Yaqoob and Tanveer Ahmad. 2013. Virtues of the Milk from Water Buffalo. Buffalo Bulletin. Vol.32 (Special Issue 2): 857-865 e-copy address: http://ibic.lib.ku.ac.th/e-books/ebooks/20130032002/files/assets/basic-html/page519.html. (W category)

    3. Iqbal, M.F., R.N.A. Khan, M.M. Hashim, T. Ahmad, A.A. Mian, I. Kashif and A. Rehman. 2013. Formononetin Influences Growth and Immune Responses in Broilers. Pak. J. Zool. 45(4): 1015-1020. e-copy address: http://zsp.com.pk/pdf45/1015-1020%20_19_%20PJZ-1285-13%2023-7-13%20Revision-Formononetin-Pak%20J%20Zool-Page%20P_.pdf. (W category)

    4. M.Younas, I. Kashif, & I. Ali. 2012. Effect of Climate Change on Livestock Production in Pakistan. Proceed. of the 2nd Internat. Seminar on Animal Industry, Jakarta, 5-6 July 2012. pp 554-562 (X category)

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