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Visit of Dr. Muhammad Moaeen-ud-Din to Canada

Dr. Muhammad Moaeen-ud-Din visited Vancouver Canada in July 2018 to attend annual Animal Science Conference and Trade Show 2018. He presented several talks over there in local goat population. He highlighted the importance of goat in economy of poor and landless farmers in Pakistan during his oral talks. He also visited dairy goat and dairy cow farms during his visit to Canada and found that our local goat have capability to produce as much milk as western dairy goat can, particular DDP breed of South Punjab if it is reared at scientific level in Pakistan. It could be a substantial source of cheese that has many medicinal effects especially against allergies.

Another important objective of the visit was to develop collaboration with international community, particularly in Canada. During his visit, he met many scientists and explored the opportunity to have collaborative research that would be beneficial for Pakistan. Scientist i.e. Filipo and Evelline show their interest to become the part of NCLBG&G. The visit was funded by HEC travel grant.