Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad
Vice Chancellor
Email: [email protected] 

Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University
Distinction: Presidentís Medal for Technology
Educational Qualifications
Ph.D 1991 Agri. Engineering Iowa State University, USA
Post Doctorate 1996-97   Kyoto University, Japan
Post Doctorate 1997-98   Tottori University, Japan
Administrative Experience
  • Vice Chancellor, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi
  • Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, UAF
  • Director, Water management Research Centre, UAF
  • Principal Officer, Engineering Construction Department, (ECD), UAF
  • Principal Officer, Repair Cell (Vehicles), UAF
  • Chairman, Structure & Environment Engineering Department, UAF
  • Chairman, Department of Irrigation & Drainage, UAF
  • Chairman, Fiber & Textile Engineering Department, UAF
  • Principal Officer, Estate Management Department, UAF

In addition has also administered International and National Mega Research Projects on supervising positions such as:

  • Director (R&D Component), Rehabilitating Lower Chenab Canal (LCC) System – a Project of JICA
  • National Coordinator, ACIAR Project
  • Coordinator, Watershed Management and Irrigation Improvement in Pakistan – a Project of USDA
  • Principal Investigator, German-DAAD Project
  • Principal Investigator, Two Faculty Development Technology Transfer and Product Commercialization (FDTTPC) projects funded by UAF
  • Project Manager, PARB funded Project
  • Principal Investigator, HEC & PSF funded Projects
  • Principal Investigator, Agricultural Linkage Program (ALP) PARC funded Project
  • Principal Investigator, Development and Operation of Biogas Plants at UAF
Teaching and Research Experience
Has a total of 33 years of teaching, fellowship and research experience inland and abroad on various faculty and research positions.
Research Supervised
  Ph.D.                 4 (In-progress)
  M.Sc. (Hons.)   30 (Completed)
  • General Secretary, Pakistan Society of Agricultural Engineers (PSAE)
  • Member, Area Water Board, LCC System, Punjab Irrigation & Draining Authority
  • Member, National Committee of International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage (ICID)
  • Member, ICID, Working Groups
  • Ex-Secretary, Academic Staff Association, UAF
  • Ex-Vice President, Academic Staff Association, UAF
  • Ex-Member, University Syndicate, UAF
  • Ex-Member, Academic Council, UAF
  • Ex-Member, University Senate, UAF
  • Ex-Coordinator, National Watercourse Improvement Training
  • Ex-Member, National Committee for Professional Examination of Pak. Engineering Council for Agri. Engineering
Innovative Developments
  • Four-Row Wheat Bed Planting Machine (ICID Award winning development)
  • Six-row Wheat Bed Planting Machine
  • Maize and Cotton Bed Planter
  • Solar Operated Indigenous Mini-Tubewell
  • Ring Automatic Irrigation System for Orchards
  • Solar Operated Drip & Raingun Systems
  • Drip Irrigation Mobile Power Unit
  • Set of Lysimeters “A Physical Drainage Model”
  • Orchard Spraying Machine.
  • Solar Saline Water Evaporator with Solar Track System
  • Clay Porous Cup System for the collection of soil water samples
  • Installation of Raingun Sprinklers System in the experimental area of I&D Dept. and WMRC
  • Installation of High Efficiency Irrigation Systems at the Experimental area of WMRC
National/International Networking
  • Presented papers in 30 Conferences, Seminars and Workshops organized inland and abroad;
  • Arranged 28 visits of International Renowned Researchers at UAF;
  • Arranged 11 National and International Seminars at UAF;
  • Served as Resource Person for MoUs signed by AUF with Charles Sturt University, Australia, Hebei University China, Iowa State University, USA, International Water Management Institute, and Aab (Pvt) Ltd, a company owned by M/o Agriculture Punjab;
  • Established linkages with DAAD German Government;
  • Remain in working group  under the USA-Afghanistan-Pakistan Tri Lateral (Water Management);
  • Fellow of Japanese Society for Promotion of Science;
  • Fellow of Aus-AID Leadership Program, Australian Government; and
  • Collaborated research program between WWF-Pakistan and WMRC-UAF
  • 30 Publications in National and International Scientific Journals;
  • 11 International Proceeding Papers;
  • 17 National Proceeding Papers;
  • 4 Proceeding Papers of Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineer (JSIDRE); and
  • 5 Papers presented at American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE), USA.
Dissemination and Extension of Results Of Agricultural Research
  • Training of Baluchistan Farmers and Water Management Officers at UAF under FAO funded project (2011, March 2012, October 2012)
  • Talks on Radio and TV channels (PTV, Express News, Sohni Dharti, Kook TV, Geo, Apna TV, etc) on topics of national importance including water, energy and food security 
  • Organized many Farmers Field Days/Consultation Workshops in Faisalabad, T.T. Singh, Okara, Jhang, Sheikhupura, Nankana,  and several districts across Punjab, Sindh & KPK.
  • Arranged University Technology Transfer Program (Information Dissemination) at AUF
Countries Visited
USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Thailand, India, Oman, Australia, Turkey, China, Iran and Germany