Faculty & Staff
Muhammad Abdul Rahman
M. Sc. (HONS) Agriculture Economics, PhD Economics (Thesis Stage)
Phone :
Mobile : 0336-5133143
Fax :
Email : arahman@uaar.edu.pk, mabdul.rahman@live.com
Address : Sub Campus Attock
Work Experience : 5 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Climate Change Studies and Socio-Agro Impacts
  • Food Security
  • Agriculture Marketing
  • Total Publications : 8
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Rahman, M. A., A. Saboor, I. A. Baig, H. Kanwal and U. Shakoor. 2016. An Investigation of the Impact of Climate Change on Rice Crop in Pakistan: A Multivariate Analysis. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Accepted for Publication.

    2. Rahman, M. A. 2013. Revisiting Solid Waste Management (SWM): a Case Study of Pakistan. International Journal of Scientific Footprints, 1(1): 3342.

    3. Manzoor, R., M. A. Rahman and M. Bano. 2013. Violence against women in Pakistan: Evidence from Punjab. International Journal of Advanced Research, 1(6): 356-365.

    4. Shakoor, U., M. A. Rahman and A. Nasir. 2013. Climate Change and Agriculture Sector in a Global Perspective: a Review. International Journal of Advanced Research, 1(6): 25-30.

    5. Khurram, M. I., T. M. Butt, B. Shahbaz, S. Ahmad, M. A. Rahman, U. Shakoor, B. N. Siddiqi, M. Zakaria, Y. Hassan, H. Zhenguo and M. Rizwan. 2013. Effects of unemployed rural youth on rural development. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 8(44): 5562-5571.

    6. Imran, M., U. Shakoor, M. A. Rahman and S. A. Ramay. 2015. Empirical Connections of Inflation: Johansen Co-Integration & Vector Error Correction Approach. International Journal of Social Footprints, 1(1): 114.

    7. Shakoor, U., A. Saboor, I. Baig, A. Afzal and M. A. Rahman. 2015. Climate Variability Impacts on Rice Crop Production in Pakistan. Pakistan J. Agric. Res., 28(1): 19-27.

    8. Ali, A., M. Hussain, H. S. Habib, T. T. Kiani, M. A. Anees and M. A. Rahman. 2016. Foliar Spray Surpasses Soil Application Of Potassium For Maize Production Under Rain-fed Conditions. Turk. J. Field Crops, 21(1): 36-43.