Department of Food Technology

Food technology is all about using science to 'add value' to commodity foods such as dairy products, meat, fruit, vegetables and grains. Food technologists need to have an in-depth knowledge of raw foods and how they can be handled, processed and/or packaged to provide consumers with safe, convenient, nutritious end products.


Background, Mission and Goals

The study of food science at degree level is intellectually stimulating. It clearly demonstrates the application of many fundamental scientific principles from a range of subject areas, and deals with some of the commercial factors that are important in shaping the food industry and global food production/consumption.


The Department of Food Technology was established in 1980 as Barani Agricultural College Rawalpindi (which attained the status of University in 1994). Primarily, the Department was teaching Food Technology courses at undergraduate level. The M.Sc. (Hons.) in Food Technology was started in 1998 and Ph.D. in Food Technology was initiated in 2001. Currently 40 students are enrolled in B.Sc.(Hons.), 15 in M.Sc.(Hons.) and 03 in Ph.D. One student has submitted his thesis which is in evaluation process. Ph.D. Theses are evaluated by foreign experts from technological advanced countries.


In the Food Technology Department we study food using the tools of science and the machines of industry. The aim of the University of Arid Agriculture´s Food Technology Department is to prepare our students for creative, challenging, diverse and rewarding careers in the food industry and to produce the next generation of critical thinkers and food science researchers. The future challenge is to improve the nutritional quality of food, conserve the world´s food supply and reduce environmental impact and we train our students on these basis


People will always need food. The food industry will always need food technologists. Main Objectives


  • To provide graduate and post graduate study in Food science and technology.
  • To conduct graduate and post graduate research in food science & technology.
  • To develop food products, be able to improve food product quality safety.
  • To promote interactions with other disciplines which relates directly and indirectly to the study of food science and technology
  • To develop industrial linkages, know and implement good manufacturing practices and being knowledgeable what are current issues faced by industry.


On going Research Projects


  • Selection and characterization of starter culture for fermented milk products by Dr.Tariq Masud. (funding agency Higher Education Commission)
  • Studies for the selection of probiotic culture for yogurt by Dr. Tariq Masud (funding agency: Pakistan Science Foundation)


Technology Development


  • Preservation of raw milk by lactoperoxidase system.
  • Preparation of yogurt at household level.
  • Paneer making technology for cottage scale industry.
  • Stabilization of rice bran.
  • Preservation and increase in the shelf life of different fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, mangoes, bananas, citrus etc.
  • Preparation of different food products like jam, jellies, squashes, biscuits, cakes, syrups etc at household hold level.



Time to time trainings for the preparation of different food products to students, women and farmers. Dissemination of developed technology to the end users.

We have well established research facilities have been available in the laboratory of the department.

Currently we have the facility and access of PCR, Bio-fermentor, complete electrophoresis system, gel documentation, Gas chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, DNA sequencer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer. These facilities will be further strengthened in the near future.




  • Received a national award "SALAM PAKISTAN AWARD" on 14th August, 2005.
  • Excellence award for the best researcher 2005.
  • Two Patents:
    • Packaging system for tomato fruits.
    • Natural Preservative in bread making.
  • Establishment of food processing Research and training laboratory to execute practical and research in product development.