Faculty & Staff
Dr. Muhammad Akmal
Associate Professor

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

Ph D (Soil Science), Zhejiang University, China, Post-doctorate, Colorado University, USA
Department of Soil Science & SWC
Phone :
Mobile : +92- 345-597379
Fax :
Email : akmal@uaar.edu.pk
Address : Department of Soil Science & SWC, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi 46300, Pakistan
Work Experience : 8 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry
  • Soil and Water Pollution
  • Environmental Soil Chemistry
  • Total Publications : 22
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Zafar Abbas, Muhammad Akmal, Khalid Saifullah Khan, Fayyaz ul Hassan. 2014. Effect of Buctril Super (Bromoxynil) Herbicide on Soil Microbial Biomass and Bacterial Population. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, 57(1): 9-14.

    2. Zafar Abbas, Muhammad Akmal, Khalid Saifullah Khan, Fayyaz ul Hassan. 2014. Impacts of long-term application of buctril super (bromoxynil) herbicide on microbial population, enzymes activity, nitrate nitrogen, Olsen-P and total organic carbon in soil. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science,

    3. Sairah Syed, Muhammad Imran Al-Haq, Zammurad Iqbal Ahmed, Abdul Razzaq, Muhammad Akmal. 2014. Root exudates and leaf leachates of 19 medicinal plants of Pakistan exhibit allelopathic potential. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 46(5): 1693-1701

    4. Waseem Hassan, Muhammad Akmal, Ibrahim Muhammad, Muhammad Younas, Kashif Rafiq Zahaid, Farhan Ali. 2013. Response of soil microbial biomass and enzymes activity to cadmium (Cd) toxicity under different soil textures and incubation times. Australian Journal of Crop Science, 7(5): 674-680

    5. Israr Asghar, Muhammad Akmal, Muhammad Ishtiaq, Mehwish Maqbool, Tanveer Hussain. 2013. Analysis of soil microbial biomass dynamics in rainfed wheat fields in arid zone of Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Botany, 45: 389-399

    6. Muhammad Islam, Muhammad Akmal, Muhammad Aslam Khan. 2013. Effect of phosphorus and sulphur application on soil nutrient balance under Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) monocropping. Romanian Agricultural Research, 30

    7. Safeer Abbas, Irfan Aziz, Tariq Mahmood, Muhammad Akmal. 2013. Influence of different tillage practices and earthworm on selected soil physio-chemical parameters and yield of maize. Soil and Environment, 32(2): 114-120.

    8. Zohra Aslam, Mukhtar Ahmed, Muhammad Sajad, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Akmal, Fahad Karim Khan, Waqas Ijaz, Raseela Ashraf, Jabar Zaman Khan Khattak. 2013. A comparison of statistical and dynamic modeling of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) fungal disease under the climate change. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment, 11(2): 1327-1332.

    9. Muhammad Akmal, Muhammad Sohail Altaf, Rifat Hayat, Fayyaz-ul- Hassan, Muhammad Islam. 2012. Temporal changes in soil urease, alkaline phosphatase and dehydrogenase activity in rainfed wheat field of Pakistan. The Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences, 22: 457-462

    10. Muhammad Islam, Saleem Mohsin, Sher Afzal, Safdar Ali, Muhammad Akmal, Rizwan Khalid. 2011. Phosphorus and Sulfur Application Improves the Chickpea Productivity under Rainfed Conditions. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 13: 713-718.