Faculty & Staff
Dr. Fayyaz ul Hassan

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

Department of Agronomy
Phone : +92-51-9292089
Mobile : +92-300-9514597
Fax : +92-51-9290160
Email : fayyaz.sahi@uaar.edu.pk, drsahi63@gmail.com
Address : Department of Agronomy, University of Arid Agriculture Murree Road Rawalpindi.
Work Experience : 28 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Water management and conservation.
  • Alternate crop production and Farm Management.
  • Seed production and Management
  • Total Publications : 140
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Ahmad Sher, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, H. Ali, M. Hussain & A. Sattar, 2017. Enhancing forage quality through appropriate nitrogen dose, seed rate and harvest stage, in sorghum cultivars grown in Pakistan. Grassland Science, 63(1):15-22. (IF:0.627).

    2. Rehman A., Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, R. Qamar, M. Ali, M.S. Zamir, S. Iqbal, M. Shehzad, N. Masood & H.M. Javed. 2017. Efficacy of herbicides in controlling Parthenium hysterophorus L. in spring maize (Zea mays L). Quality Assurance & Safety of Crops & Foods. 9(2). 213-220. (IF. 0.683).

    3. Climatic variation effects on Canola (Brassica napus) genotypes. 2017. Ahmad Sher, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, H. Ali, M. Ijaz, A.Sattar, T.A. Yasir, Sami Ullaha & A. Qayyum , Pak. J. Bot. 49(SI):111-117. (IF. 0.862)

    4. Mukhtar Ahmed, Fayyaz-ul- Hassan, G. Qadir, F. A. Shaheen., 2017.Response of proline accumulation in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under rainfed conditions. Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 73(2).-----(IF:0.467).

    5. Mukhtar Ahmed, U. Qadeera, Z. I. Ahmed and Fayyaz-ul-Hassan. 2016. Improvement of wheat (Triticum aestivum) drought tolerance by seed priming with silicon. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, 62(3):299-315.(IF:0.458).

    6. Ahmad Sher, Fayyaz-Ul Hassan, Hakoomat Ali and Waseem Hassan. 2016. Seed rate and nitrogen application effects on production and brix value of forage sorghum cultivars. Grassland Science, 62:119-127. (IF:0.627).

    7. Mukhtar Ahmed, Mustazhar Nasib Akram, Muhammad Asim, Muhammad Aslam, Fayyaz-ul Hassan, Stewart Higgins, Claudio O. Stockle, Gerrit Hoogenboom, 2016. Calibration and validation of APSIM-Wheat and CERES-Wheat for spring wheat under rainfed conditions: Models evaluation and application. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 123:384-401. (IF:1.763)

    8. Masood Akhtar, Fayyaz-ul -Hassan, Mukhtar Ahmed, Rifat Hayat and Cludio Stockle. 2016. Is rainwater harvesting an option for designing sustainable cropping patterns for rainfed agriculture? Land Degrad. & Develop. 27: 630-640 .(IF: 8.145).

    9. Shahbaz Hussain and Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, 2015. Influence of integrated use of herbicide and allelopathic aqueous extracts on weeds and groundnut crop performance. JAPS, 25:1606-1615. (IF:0.458).

    10. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, M. Y. Khurshid, M. Ahmed, M. Akmal and O. Afzal, 2015. Growth and Development of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) under Rainfed Conditions. Int. J. Agric. Biol., 17: 105-110. (IF:0.935).