Faculty & Staff
Dr. Muhammad Ansar
Associate Professor

(HEC Approved Supervisor)

Department of Agronomy
Phone : +92-51-9290757
Mobile : +92-300-9123037
Fax :
Email : [email protected]
Address : Department of Agronomy, University of Arid Agriculture Murree Road Rawalpindi.
Work Experience : 20 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Forage production and Farm Management (weed & moisture)
  • Total Publications : 30
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Ansar, M.; Z. I. Ahmed; M. A. Malik; M. Nadeem; A. Majid and B. A. Rischkowsky. 2010. Forage yield and quality potential of winter cereal-vetch mixtures under rainfed conditions. Emirate J. Food & Agric., 22 (1): 25-36.

    2. Ansar, M.; A. Adeel; M. Arif, M. Nadeem, A. Zahid. 2010. Screening of some pre and post emergence herbicides to control weeds in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under rainfed conditions. Pak. J. Weed Sci. Res., (accepted).

    3. Ansar, M.; M. Asharf; Z. A. Iqbal, and A. Riaz. 2007. Effect of nitrogen levels on Septoria tritici development on three wheat cultivars. Pak. J. Phytopathology. 19 (1): 07-14.

    4. Ansar, M.; N. Hyden, and G. Mohyauddin. 2007. Effect of Water soaking and Fusarium pathogenicity on germination and growth components of wheat at seedling stage. Pak. J. Phytopathology. 19(1): 54-61.

    5. Ansar, M.; N.M., Cheema and M. H. Leitch 2010. Effect of agronomic practices on the development of Septoria Leaf Blotch and its subsequent effect on growth and yield components of wheat. Pak. J. Bot. 43(3) 1225-1238.

    6. Ansar, M.; R. Hussain; M. Rashid and M. R. Anser. 2008. Efficiency of fertilizer application methods for wheat crop under rainfed conditions. J. Agri. Res., 46(2): 347-354.

    7. Ansar, M.; Z. A. Iqbal; M. Asharf, and A. Riaz. 2006. Effect of sowing densities on Septoria leaf blotch development and its subsequent effects on yield components of wheat. Pak. J. of Phytopathology. 18(2): 129-135.

    8. Anwar A.; M. Ansar; M. Nadeem; G. Ahmad; S. Khan and A. Hussain. 2010. Performance of nontraditional winter legumes with oat for forage yield and soil health under rainfed conditions. J. Agri. Res., 48(2):171-179.

    9. Ahmad G.; M. Ansar; S. Kaleem; G. Nabi and M. Hussain. 2008. Performance of early maturing oats cultivars for yield and quality. J. Agri. Res., 46(2): 341-346.

    10. Hussain, A.; K., Sartaj; B, Allah; M. Imran and M. Ansar. 2010. Variability in fodder production potential of exotic oats (Avena sativa) genotypes under irrigated conditions. J. Agri. Res. 48(1): 65-71.