Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Lab (MECL)

Community Services

We also approach local communities in their area, which are living in the vicinity of different wildlife species which are in conflict with human (common leopard, black bear, grey wolf, etc.), or those wildlife species which are being poached and illegally killed for getting financial benefits such as Indian pangolin.

We invite communities and conduct seminars in their area, asking about their conflict with any particular wildlife species, and providing them with the information how to solve the issue. We brief the local people about the ecological importance of the particular wildlife species and how to avoid the conflict. In this regard we collaborate with the provincial wildlife departments staff like Punjab Wildlife and Parks department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department, Islamabad Wildlife Management Board Islamabad etc. We have already conducted community surveys and visited many areas of conflict including Chakwal, Kahuta-Kotli Sattian, Mardan district, Kotli district (AJ&K) Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad etc.