Mammalian Ecology and Conservation Lab (MECL)

PhD's produced by the lab

Sr. # Name Research Title Year awarded Picture
1 Nausheen Irshad Population, Distribution and Food Habits of Indian pangolin (Manis Crassicaudata) in Potohar Plateau, Pakistan. June 01, 2015
2 Riaz Hussain Comparative Ecology of two mongoose species (Herpestes javanicus and H. edwardsii) inhabiting Pothwar Plateau. Dec. 2017
3 Shaista Andleeb Chromium toxicity in small Indian mongoose (Herpestes javanicus) inhabiting Tannery areas of Kasur District, Pakistan July 19, 2018
4 Faraz Akrim Resource partitioning among sympatric carnivore species at Pir Lasura National Park, Azad Jammu and Kashmir. September, 2018
5 Hira Fatima Diet composition and niche breadth of sympatric carnivores of Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan September, 2020
6 Nadeem Munawar Damage assessment and control of rodents in Agro-ecosystems of Pothwar Plateau, Pakistan Feb. 2021