Koont Research Farm

About Koont Research Farm

Agriculture sector is the backbone of Pakistan economy. More than 70% of population is involved in agriculture. Most of our industries are agro based. The increasing population and constant land use demands increased farm productivity to feed and fulfill the increasing needs of masses.

The existing acreage was not sufficient to undertake the research activities and to meet the requirement of degree programs of different faculties of Agriculture based University to carry out the diversified nature of research activities. Faculty too has not sufficient area for research and demonstration activities. Efforts were made to purchase research farm of an 1880 canals at Mandra-Chakwal Road in tehsil Gujjar Khan, district Rawalpindi for on-farm research activities which are meant according to the farmer's agro ecological and socio-economic conditions. This on-farm research consists of following steps.

  • Diagnosis of researchable issues based on review of secondary data
  • Planning and prioritization of researchable issues and to design on- farm experiments.
  • Conduct experiments under farmer's conditions to formulate improved technologies.
  • Assessments by Farmers and scientists.
  • Based on the assessments, recommendations and demonstration of improved technologies is given to farmers
Koont Research Farm