Faculty & Staff
Dr. Nasir Mukhtar
Assistant Professor (HEC Approved Supervisor)

PhD (UAF), Post Doctorate (Royal School of Vet Studies & Roslin Institute UoE UK)
Department of Poultry Science
Phone : +92 51 9290115  
Mobile : +92 300 7200074  
Fax :
Email : [email protected] [email protected]
Address : Room # S-33, 2nd Floor, DVM Building, Dept. Poultry Science, Faculty of Vet & Animal Sciences , PMAS Arid Agriculture University Murree Road, Rawalpindi, 46300 Pakistan
Work Experience : 13 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Understanding the relationship of nutrition and environment with metabolism
  • bone
  • brain
  • gut and cell biology applying the cutting edge techniques to improve animal productivity and welfare under hot environment
  • Total Publications : 29
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Nasir Mukhtar, P. W. Wilson and I. C. Dunn. 2015. Measurement of ghrelin gene expression in proventriculus in relation to feeding regimens and natural anorexias. Submitted to British Poultry Science.

    2. Nasir Mukhtar, M. Safdar Anjum, M. Irfan, Mansur A. Sandhu. 2015. Gastric Impaction in ostrich chick: Causes and Remedies. Submitted. World Poultry Science Journal.

    3. Javid Iqbal, Sohail Hassan Khan, Nasir Mukhtar, Tanveer Ahmed & Riaz Hussain Pasha. 2014. Effects of egg size (weight) and age on hatching performance and chick quality of broiler breeder. Journal of Applied Animal Research (Taylor and Frances). 2014, 1-7.

    4. Muhammad S. Anjum, Mansur Sandhu, Nasir Mukhtar and Zia U Rahman. 2014. Up-gradation of egg quality through different heat combating systems during high environmental temperature. Journal of Tropical Animal Health (Taylor and Frances). 46 (7):1135-1140.

    5. Khawaja, T., S.H. Khan., Nasir Mukhtar, Perveen, A., Ahmed, T. 2014. Comparative study of growth performance, meat quality and haematological parameters of three-way crossbred chickens with reciprocal F1 crossbred chickens in a subtropical environment. Journal of Applied Animal Research, (Taylor and Frances), 41:3: 224-234.

    6. Khawaja, T., Khan, S. H., Nasir Mukhtar, Parveen A., Fareed, G. 2013. Production performance, egg quality and biochemical parameters of three way crossbred chickens with reciprocal F1 crossbred chickens in sub-tropical environment. Italian Journal of Animal Science, 12:127-132.

    7. Khawaja, T., Khan, S. H., Nasir Mukhtar., Ullah, N., Perveen, A., 2013. Production performance, egg quality and biochemical parameters of Fayoumi, Rhode Island Red and their reciprocal crossbred Chickens. Journal of Applied Animal Research (Taylor and Frances) 41, 208-217.

    8. Shamas H., Nasir Mukhtar, Sajjad. R., A. A. Mian. 2013. Molecular epidemiology of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in different types of chickens. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology, 65:165-170

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    10. Nasir Mukhtar., Khan, S. H., Hadi, S.A., Khalid, M. F. 2013, Use of Mobile Phones and its Accessories at Poultry Farms- A Stern Breach in Biosecurity, Reviews in Veterinary and Animal Sciences. 1(1):1-6