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Message of the Dean

It is a great honor for me to introduce you to the Faculty of Forestry, Range Management & Wildlife and to invite you to join the spearhead group of faculty and students who work in a challenging environment for Natural Resource Management, including Forestry, Range Management, Wildlife Management and Environmental Sciences. The Faculty focuses on almost all issues related to the health of natural resource ecosystems, particularly forests, rangelands, wildlife and environmental sciences.

The Faculty addresses the complexities of climate change, its mitigation and adaptations, preservation of wildlife abundance, wildlife conservation, clean water, phytoremediation of contaminated soils, human health issues in relation to environmental hazards, ecotourism, carbon sequestration and carbon stocks in forests, evaluation and proper management of forest and rangeland resources, etc.

The Faculty of Forestry, Range Management & Wildlife is committed to produce high-quality graduates and scientists through student-centered learning and research, to enhance the management of Pakistan’s rangeland and forest ecosystems, and to advancing the concepts of sustainable environment through maintaining healthier environment for crops, vegetation, wildlife and human beings through scientific research. Graduates of the various degree programmes are acquired with a blend of classroom, laboratory and fieldwork experience needed to develop skills for a successful career.

The faculty is now well established and offers undergraduate programs in forestry and environmental sciences. In addition, postgraduate programs are also offered in Forestry, Range Management & Wildlife and Environmental Sciences. Being Dean of the Faculty, I invite you to visit various academic departments and to contribute in every possible way to excellence in the academic and research activities of the Faculty. On behalf of the faculty and the university, I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

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Faculty of Forestry, Range Management & Wildlife
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