Department of Biology



The department of biology with its experienced Ph.D. faculty members is aimed to impart quality education and research on all aspects of biological areas relevant to build knowledge and train future leaders in biology. Our dedicated faculty members have strong and diverse background of teaching and research interests. Our graduate courses are regularly updated in the light of HEC scheme of studies and vision of Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University. Since this University is located in an arid habitat of northern Punjab, our focus is always on the biology of the flora and fauna of Pothwar. Our students benefit from the diverse expertise of not just the Department of Biology but also from renowned faculty of agricultural sciences. In addition to equipping our students with latest knowledge of biology we, also, prepare them for the job market. For this purpose, we have seminars, special problem, research and report writing courses/assignments. Also, our Department arranges guest speakers with different backgrounds from various organizations. We regularly have meetings with different stakeholders like wildlife biologists, educationists, medical scientists, science journalists, communication and social media experts, motivational speakers, and career experts. We always keep looking for anyone who thinks he/she can talk to our faculty and students and contribute even a little bit to our efforts to prepare our future leaders in biology.

Biology is the diverse field of study including plants, animals and microbes. The students enrolled in our department take basic to advanced level courses. After graduating they have multiple options to get admission in higher degree programs adopting any specialized field of botany, zoology, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, environmental science, wildlife and fisheries. They can apply for teaching jobs at school, college and university level. They can also join research organizations like NARC and NIBGE.

Currently the Department of Biology is offering following degree programs:
1. BS Biology (Morning/ Evening
2. M.Phil Biology (Morning)
The admission to above program opens every year in fall semester



The discipline of biology was established in 1997. Initially it was working under the umbrella of biological sciences, then as separate department of Biology since 2003.

The department started M.Sc degree program in 1997 and M.Phil in 2006. Currently the department is offering degrees of BS Biology and M.Phil Biology.



The students have opportunities to work in diverse fields of animal and plant sciences like physiology, taxonomy, diversity, ethnobotany, biotechnology, endocrinology, fresh water biology, fisheries, genetics, cancer biology, wildlife ecology and conservation biology.

Depatment of Biology