Central Library


In any educational and research institution the Library department hold a key position being the major source of the inflow of knowledge. For this purpose, the library department incorporated 50,480 books, textbooks, reference books, theses, periodicals and research journals etc. The library concerned is equipped with modern software, LMS (Library Management System) for Library automation. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is available through Q.Zaman E-library.

The full text (Pdf) Theses are also available from July 2019 to date, for the benefit of faculty and students concerned. The Main library has also established a separate Q.Zaman E-Library that provides free full text (E-Books and E-Journals) regarding different disciplines for the users/Campus community.

The Library also extends facilities of photocopying service of different type scientific papers. Moreover, departmental libraries have also been maintained to provide easy access to most of text and reference books as well. The faculty and students are making the best use of these facilities in connection with their respective research projects, preparation of seminars, semester papers and technical material from digital services through internet.

The PMAS-AAUR Library is vital to the education mission of University community. Overall objective of the library is to select, organize, and maintain print and electronic resources that support the curriculum and information needs of University academic community.

Working in partnership with faculty, staff and students, library provides convenient access to quality information resources, and an environment that encourages study and personal growth. Library also provides information services which are customized to individual needs and which recognize their information requirements.

Library’s environment, which attracts users and clientele spend time and study in relaxing and conducive environment. Study carrels and reading halls provide excellent environment for individual and group study.

The library is playing a vital role in increasing research output by helping faculty and students in their research work through its automated and organized information resources. i.e International reputed Research Journals.

Gathering information, organizing it in such a way that it can be retrieved effectively, making it accessible, and disseminating this information to the relevant users are the major functions of the library.

The Library is equipped with most modern technologies like RFID System, Library Management System and HEC Digital Library by providing latest research material of different kind on full text basis.

Central Library

Year of Establishment 1994
Seating Capacity 500
Timings 08:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m
Classification Scheme Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme (DDC)
Cataloguing Rules Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACR)
Total Collection 50,480
Newspapers Subscribed 10
Internet Facilities (45 Computers)
Various Sections Acquisition, Technical Processing Unit, Circulation Desk, Fresh arrivals, Urdu Section, Book bank, Theses Section, Periodicals & Journals Section, PhD Scholar Section and Photocopying.

Quick Facts (Library Collection)

Total Library Books 27008
Book Bank 2424
Journal 4028
Project Books 3110
Theses 7686
Donation Books 6224
Total Books 50480