Student Services

Director of Student Affairs


A few of the services available with the Directorate are:

  • Consulting or problem solving for students.
  • Coordinating Conduct - Discipline action
  • Hearing students grievances and appeals
  • Providing general information or assistance.


New student orientation


All new students are given an orientation session in the form of a welcome and introduction to general university life. Orientation usually covers assistance in course selection, location/use of campus facilities and services. It helps in transition of new students into community life. To make it lively, this program is coupled with a variety of other cultural events.




The counseling service exists to help students acquire personal skills, self-knowledge and psychological resource which will enhance their University learning in terms of developing their full potential as students and emotionally healthy members of the community. This is achieved through counseling students individually or in groups; by contributing to the University environment through consultation and training; by studying the environment and recommending changes based on research data and judgment. Counseling service also helps in career planning and career opportunity.