Research Endowment Fund

Incentive for Book Writing

Eligibility Criteria

  • This scheme is open for regular faculty members from PMAS-AAUR.
  • Authors can choose from the diverse range of topics (keeping in view the HEC approved curricula) in Agriculture, Basic Sciences, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, Art and Humanities, Engineering, Information Technology and Biotechnology.

Terms and Conditions

  • The application for the book writing scheme must be received in ORIC office within due course of time as advertised/circulated.
  • The author can write only one book under this program within a fiscal year.
  • ORIC has the right to verify the similarity index of the publication whenever required.
  • In case the similarity index is higher than permissive limit (less than 19%), a clarification from the author will be sought before approval of the publication proposal.
  • Copy right of the book will rest with University.

Financial Support

  • Publication charges: PMAS AAUR will pay the publication charges as per actual expenditures maximum up to Rs. 20,0000/-
  • Remuneration to the author: The author will be paid remuneration of Rs. 50,000/- for publishing a book containing more than 200 pages.
  • In case of more than 1 authors, the remuneration will be divided on equal basis.
  • In case of edited book, the remuneration will be paid to the editor.

How to apply

Interested authors/writers who meet the eligibility criteria may submit their complete applications in soft and hard form (01 set) along with the following documents to ORIC, PMAS AAUR.

  • Duly-filled in application form
  • Bio-data/CV of the author(s)
  • Table of contents
  • Book material
  • Similarity Index certificate

Application form

Application Form For Book Writing Incentive

Incentive for Research Publication


  • Awards are to be given to full time regular Employees of the PMAS-AAUR.
  • The first or the corresponding author will be eligible for the award
  • The published paper must be under the name of Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.
  • Only the published paper with volume and page number or DOI will be considered for the incentive.
  • Only one publication of a faculty member will be considered for the incentive in a financial year.

Eligibility Criteria

The incentive shall be fixed according to the criteria given at Annex-A

Type of Paper Impact Factor Maximum amount of award (Rs.)
Published in ISI Indexed Impact Factor journal 0.10 to 1.00 10,000
> 1.00 to 2.00 20,000
> 2.00 to 3.00 40,000
> 3.00 50,000

Application form

Application form for Research publication Incentive

PhD Student Research Grant

Award Details

The award will include;

  • A contribution toward expendable supplies (chemicals, glassware etc.)
  • A contribution toward local travel for research data collection


  • Awards are open to the applicants enrolled in any PhD program of the University.
  • Applicant should have passed the synopsis defense.
  • Applicants having indigenous Ph.D scholarships, or those working as research assistants/ associates in funded projects are not eligible to apply.
  • Funding should only be given to the research based on novel/ innovative ideas.

Evaluation Procedure

Each department will scrutinize the applications on the base of evaluation criteria in Departmental Board of Studies and forward 02 best proposals to ORIC through Dean office.

Sr. No. Criteria for Evaluation Weightage
1 Novelty and originality of proposal 25
2 Clear and realistic research objectives 15
3 Credibility of Research Design, Methodology and Approach 15
4 Availability of Resources and Facilities 10
5 Dissemination of Research Results (conferences, seminars, workshops, publications) 10
6 Budget Reasonability and Justification 10
7 Potential Impact of the Project /product/Development/ process/Impact factor Publication 15
8 Total 100


  • Applicant should provide affidavit that he/she will complete PhD degree otherwise he/she will refund the scholarship amount to the University.
  • A joint bank account in the name of project and jointly operated by the supervisor and the nominee of treasure office.

Application form

Application form for PhD internal & External Review

Application form for PhD fund grant

Research Performance Award


  • Assessment will be based on performance of the faculty member during the last three years
  • Open to all faculties in two categories. (Total number of Awards: 12)
    • Category-1: Lecturer/Assistant Professor = 06
    • Category-2: Associate Professor /Professor = 06
  • Minimum qualifying marks for the award are 50. In case of failure to get minimum marks the faculty member will not be considered for the award.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Research papers published in impact factor journals with citation and H index. (Max. 25 Marks)
    • 2.5 marks per publication if the name is as corresponding author or within first three authors.
    • For rest of author positions, 1.0 mark per publication would be awarded.
  • Research Projects/Grants/Awards/Fellowships (Max. 15 Marks)
    • 5 marks if the project funding is more than 10 million Rs
    • 4 marks if the project funding is more than 5 million Rs but less than 10 million Rs
    • 3 marks if the project funding is less than 5 million Rs and more than 2.0 million Rs.
    • 2 marks if the project funding is less than 2.0 million but more than 0.5 million Rs.
    • 2.5 marks if Co-PI of the project worth more than 5 million Rs, otherwise 1.5 marks.
  • Ph.D Students Supervised (4 marks per notified student) (Max. 12 Marks)
  • MS/M.Sc (Hons.)/M.Phil Students Supervised (1 marks per notified student) (Max. 12 Marks)
  • National Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Training Programs organizes (Max. 12 Marks)
    • 4 marks to organizing secretary of the conference otherwise 01 mark.
    • 3 marks to organizer/organizing secretary of the workshop otherwise 01 mark.
    • 2 marks to organize seminar
  • Participation in Conference/Seminar/Workshops (Max. 12 Marks)
    • 3 marks as key note/ invited speaker at national event
    • 4 marks as key note/ invited speaker at international event
    • 1.5 marks as presenter at national event
    • 2.0 marks as presenter at international event
  • Books/ Book Chapters/Varieties/Technology developed/Patents Registered (Max. 12 Marks)
    • 4 marks as author/editor of the book published at national level
    • 6 marks as author/editor of the book published at international level
    • 2 marks as author of the book chapter published at national level
    • 3 marks as author of the book chapter published at national level
    • 6 marks for each variety development
    • 6 marks for each patent registered at international level
    • 4 marks for each patent registered at national level


Event Categories and Provisions

This grant extends financial assistance for hosting the following three types of events:

  • Seminar
  • Symposium
  • Training Workshop


Research Endowment Fund (REF) will provide up to 0.3 million rupees funding to organize the above mentioned events at the university. As per policy, the following expenses will be met through REF. Re-appropriation of funds from one head to another is not allowed without approval of the competent authority.

  • Up to 0.3 million rupees will be given for organizing the event
  • Remuneration for Invited Speakers/Resource Persons
  • Accommodation for Invited Speakers/Resource Persons at Visiting Faculty hostel.
  • Travel for Invited Speakers/Resource Persons
  • Catering (Food & Beverages)
  • Publication of Brochures, Panaflexes etc.
  • Stationery
  • Consumables (if required)
  • Contingencies

Documents Required

  • A list of Invited Speakers/ Resource Persons
  • Detailed CVs of Focal Person/Invited Speakers/ Resource Persons
  • Complete Brochure of the event containing aims, objectives, themes and registration process.
  • Number of participants and the income from registration./li>
  • Abstracts and training modules of National Invited Resource Persons.

Application form

Application form for Seminar/ Symposia/ Workshops