About CAS-D

The Centre for Agriculture Strategy and Development (CAS-D), established by the University Syndicate, started functioning in 2020. The CAS-D reporting to the Vice Chancellor, is charged with the administrative responsibility to spearhead planning, management and coordination of the University-wide activities for providing policy support to decision makers and develop capacity of stakeholders on the subject. In fulfilling its duties, the CAS-D serves as a think tank to find knowledge-based policy solutions to the critical challenges confronting Pakistan’s agriculture and agribusiness. The aim is to transform traditional subsistence agriculture into a knowledge-based technology-led diversified, sustainable, productive and competitive industry.

Such transformation can improve food security, reduce malnutrition, create jobs, raise incomes, promote inclusive socioeconomic development, and kick-start the economy on a path to middle- income growth. However, this transformation requires a strong policy support of research and development initiatives along the entire agrifood value chain. A systems-oriented, multidisciplinary approach to reshape agrifood systems will be needed. It also requires strong academia, research, industry and government linkages, and international networking. A significant increase in investment and innovation will be critical to realize the dream.

The CAS-D's vision is that new strategies, approaches and modern technologies are adopted to sustainably increase agricultural and food production and farmer profitability. Its mission is to provide knowledge-based policy support of the decision makers and build capacity of stakeholders to increase national food and nutrition security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.