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Message of the Director  

It is immense pleasure to take responsibility of leading the Institute of Geo-Information and Earth Observation (IGEO). The IGEO is striving hard to contribute effectively to produce quality human resource by developing a sustainable Geo-Informatics education system to meet the technology needs of the country. We provide conducive learning environment to promote high quality Remote Sensing and GIS education to produce dedicated, hardworking and learned graduates. Hardworking students, learned faculty, dedicated staff and committed administration are our strength leading us to an excellent place among institutions of high repute. The uniqueness of IGEO amongst other RE&GIS institutes is that we are being hosted at PMAS-Arid Arid Agriculture University. The agriculture is backbone of the country; therefore, our students and faculty can also work on providing RS&GIS based solutions through their research. This makes our research a demand driven and of high socioeconomic importance as we can provide IT based models and decision support systems. We have strong commitment to make our institute's graduates employable by inculcating skills, appetite of hard work and eagerness to accept professional challenges so that they can excel in their professional careers. 


Dr. Muhammad Naveed Tahir


About IGEO 

Institute of Geo-Information & Earth Observation (IGEO) is a leading institution delivering quality education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fields of GIS & Remote Sensing.The institute offers four years of Bachelors in Geoinformatics, two years MS in Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Ph.D. in RS & GIS. The institute is also serving as a hub for various national and international research programs and projects.


The Institute has experienced faculty holding MS, Ph.D. and Post Doc degrees in various disciplines from reputed International and National Universities. In future, IGEO aims to enhance its areas of research and development without compromising quality and standard of education excellence.





Institute view itself as a hub of high quality, innovative research and academic excellence in the state of the art technologies i.e. Remote Sensing & GIS. It produces globally competent individuals and carries out national and international research and developmental projects.



IGEO aims at complying global challenges. Presently the world aims at achieving sustainable development. The institute is also working to achieve sustainable development by understanding the global trends of climate change and their impacts on various fields and using geo-spatial technologies to their potential in efficient management of natural as well as manmade resources.



  1. To develop international standard Remote Sensing and GIS undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.
  2. To impart cutting edge knowledge and practical based skills among our graduates through rigorous theory, practical work and field exercises centered on key and applied aspects of these space age technologies.
  3. To provide medium and long-term training programs for Pakistani academics and resource managers who lack training in Applied Remote Sensing and GIS.
  4. To craft a mechanism to procure the required technological components for the smooth implementation of teaching and research programs of all Faculties/Institutes/Divisions at PMAS- AAUR.
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