Faculty & Staff
Dr. Muhammad Fiaz
Assistant Professor (HEC Approved Supervisor)
PhD Livestock Management (UVAS), Post Doc (South Korea)
Phone : +92-51- 9292159  
Mobile : +92-300-5252384  
Fax :
Email : dr.fiaz@uaar.edu.pk; drfiazlm@gmail.com
Address : Assistant Professor (Livestock Management), Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, UAAR
Work Experience : 22 Year(s)
Research Interest :
  • Innovative livestock management for optimum production performance in dairy animals and small ruminants and food safety through traceable and hygienic livestock production.
  • Total Publications : 31
    Publications (Latest Ten)
    1. Qureshi, S. T., M. Fiaz, M. I. Khan, K. Ishaq, T. Ahmad, M. Shakeel, M. Yaqoob, M. Aslam, I. H. Jo (2020). Effect of probiotic and varying dietary protein levels in creep feed on growth performance of Salt Range lambs. Pakistan Journal of Science, 72(3): 198- 2020.

    2. Shakeel, M., M. Nawaz, Z. Naseer, M. Fiaz, A. Khan, M. I. Khan, A. Rehman, A. Y. Qamar and A. Raza (2020). Caprine and Ovine Serological Evidence of Brucellosis in Five Districts of Punjab, Pakistan. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture. 36(4): 1040-1046.

    3. Iqbal, M., F. A. Shaheen, M. Husain, Z. Shaheen, M. Fiaz (2020). Cramming the effect of Entomopathogenic fungi and Entomopathogenic Bacteria against Callosobruchus chinensis in chickpea grains stored in bags for longer duration. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (Submitted & Under Review)

    4. Naseer, Z., E Ahmad, HS Sahiner, ET Epikmen, M Fiaz (2018). Dietary quercetin maintains the semen quality in rabbits under summer heat stress. Theriogenology 122 (88-93).

    5. Iqbal, M., F.A. Shaheen, F. Naz, M.U. Raja, M. Fiaz and M. Nadeem (2018). Management of callosobruchus chinensis l. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) in stored chickpea grains by using entomopathogenic fungi. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research, 31(4): 408-418. (category Y journal).

    6. Iqbal, M., F.A. Shaheen, A. R. Bhatti, A. Zia, I. Bodlah, F. Naz, and M. Fiaz (2018). Effectiveness of Photorhabdus temperate and Xenorhabdus nematophila against Callosorbruchus chinensis attacking stored chick pea grains. Pak. Entomol., 40(2): 95- 103. (Category Y journal)

    7. Ghadir Hussain, Kashif Ishaq, Mazhar Qayyum, Muhammad Mushtaq, Asim Faraz, Memoona Nasir, Tanveer Ahmad, Tooba Ahmad and Muhammad Fiaz (2019). Optimizing the Dietary Fiber Levels in Live Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Added Grower Ration in Goat Kids Reared under High Input Feeding System. Investigation of Women Photography in Post- Revolutionary Iran. Peer Res Nest. 2019 - 1(3). PNEST.19.08.001.

    8. Yowook Song, Muhammad Fiaz, Dong Woo Kim, Jeongtae Kim and Chan Ho Kwon (2019). Increasing forage yield and effective weed control of corn-soybean mixed forage for livestock through using by different herbicides. Journal of Animal Science and Technology 2019;61(4):185-191.

    9. Jo Ik-Hwan, Choi Kwang-Won, Muhammad Yaqoob and Muhammad Fiaz (2020). Effect of Varying Animal Manure Levels on Forage Productivity and Organic Hanwoo Cattle Carrying Capacity through Growing Triticale mixed with Legumes. Tropical Animal Health and Production. (Submitted and under review).

    10. Khan, M.I., M. Younas, M.Q. Bilal, M.S.U. Rehman, M. Fiaz, N. Anjum, M. Yaqoob and M. Shakeel (2018). Assessment of livestock extension services on dairy farm's productivity. Pakistan Journal of Science, 70(2): 131-138.