Tour Report of University Outreach Program (Attock Group)

During the current Rabi season 2021-22, seed of two crops viz wheat (Fakhar e Bhakkar), and chickpea (Bittal 2016) along with small packets of vegetable seeds to promote kitchen gardening, were distributed to farmers of Village Kisraan in a farmers gathering. Representative farmer was selected for the demonstration of new varieties of these crops along with their modern production technology at farmer’s field. Demonstration plots of wheat and chickpea were planted at farmer’s fields during the months of October and November. The team members of university outreach group Attock ensured different management practices on time. The following team members visited farmer’s field on 1st Feb, 2022 to assess the crop condition.

  • Dr. Zahid Akram. Coordinator
  • Dr. Riffat Hayat. Assistant Professor Soil Science
  • Dr.Talat Mahmood. Assistant Professor PBG

During the visit to the fields of wheat crop, it was observed that the crop was in good condition after an initial moisture stress and had positive effect of recent rains.

Moreover, there was no incidence of disease attack on both crops. Farmer was advised to keep an eye on crop regarding any symptoms of rust disease. The chickpea crop was in very good condition and without any disease or insect attack. As pre-emergence weedicide was applied to the crop so there were a very few weeds in the field. The farmer was advised to remove these weeds manually.

Plant population data was recorded using quadrat. The number of plants per meter square was about 25 in chickpea and 65 in wheat. The farmer was happy with both crop seed and showed interest to use the recommended seeds in future as well. The farmer showed concerns over non availability of fertilizers which might affect the ultimate yield of his crops.

Recommendations: The team advised the farmers to be vigilant about any symptoms of yellow rust on wheat, and Ascochyta blight & pod borer in chickpea.