University Outreach Program (District Jhelum)

University Outreach Jhelum team visited two tehsil of district Jhelum i.e. Jhelum and Sohawa dated 28.04.2022. Following members of the Outreach team also visited both the site:

Coordinator: Dr. Muhammad Ansar (Chairman/Professor Agronomy
Team Members: Dr. Adeel Anwar Assistant Prof. (AGR)
Dr. Azhar Mahmood Research Department Jhelum

Field Activities Performed:

Outreach team members visited both the tehsil of Jhelum to take the wheat crop maturity data and to check the overall production potential of the newly introduced wheat variety i.e. Fakhar e Bhakkar in that area. Farmers views were very supportive for the performance of wheat varieties and they all are willing to promote its seed in the next growing season by further multiplication and distribution among the farming community of the area. Farmers acknowledge the university initiative for the outreach program in the far away areas of the potohar.

Parameters recorded

Team collected the data of wheat from different farmers field in both the tehsil. Following parameters were recorder:

  • Plant height (cm)
  • Number of tillers per plant
  • Number of spikelets per spike
  • Spike length (cm)
  • 1000 grain weight (gm)
  • Yield per meter square (gm)

Farmers Responce, Team Observations and Suggestions

Farmers of the activity site were highly satisfied with the performance of newly introduced wheat variety “Fakhar e Bhakkar” by the University Outreach Team and the recommendations of the subject experts. It clearly showed better plant growth, performance and resistant against rust, as compared to traditionally grown old varieties. However the climatic changes mainly the sudden rise in temperature minorly effected the grain size and advancement in the maturity. Further detailed analysis will reveal the overall impact of temperature on yield performance of said variety.

Glimpses of outreach team data collection activities at District Jhelum