University Outreach Program (Khushab)

Coordinator: Dr. Abdul Ahad Qureshi

Geographic Cordinates

Khushab is located at latitude 32°17'48 N and longitude 72°21'9 E. Length of the District from North to South is 160 K.M and width from East to West is 56 K.M.

Altitude: Varies from 615 feet above sea level at Jauharabad to 4992 feet at Sakesar.

Some pictorial Facts of Dist. Khushab

Wheat Crop Triticum aestivum Var. Fakhar-a-Bhakhar
Seed Rate 50kg/Acre
Seed treatment Thiophanate Methyl @2gm/kg seed
Sowing Method Broad cast method
DoS 06-11-2021
Fertilizer 01 bag DAP + 01 bag SOP (Basil Dose)
01 bag Urea after 40 days
Irrigation after sowing (06-11-2021)
After 40 days and 90 days
(3 rains during January and February)
Weed Control Findus xtra 60WG (Greenlet Int.) Mesosulfuron-Methyl 3% + IodosulfuronMethyl-Sodium 3%
Crop data
Parameter Averages
No. of Plants/ Sq Meter 108
No. of tiller/Plant 6
Plant Height 58 cm
Farmer problems No availability of Fertilizer
DAP and Urea on High price
Canal water Shortage