University Outreach Program (District Chakwal)

Coordinator: Dr Ghulam Shabbir Associate Professor (PBG)
Team Members: Dr Murtaz-ul-Hassan Assoc. Prof. (Parasitology)
Dr M. Asif Aziz Assoc. Prof. (Entomology)
Dr Shahzada Sohail Ijaz Assoc. Prof. (Soil Science)
Dr Fahad M. Wattoo Asst. Prof. (PBG)
Dr Imran Mahmood Asst. Prof. (Agronomy)
Mr Usman Raja Asst. Prof. (Plant Pathology)
Dr Irfan Ali Asst. Prof. (Horticulture)
Dr Muhammad Ali Lecturer (Agri. Ext.)
Dr Zia ul Haq Lecturer (Farm Machinery)

Activities performed and glimpse of field activity

  • Recorded data of wheat crop planted at farmer field Chakwal. Crop samples were taken from wheat variety (Fakhar e Bhakar) with full technology, farmer own practices and data of wheat variety (Chakwal 50), a popular variety among farming community.
  • Crop parameters recorded were as follows;
    • Plant height
    • Number of tillers per plant
    • Spike length
    • Number of spikelets per spike
    • Thousand kernel weight
    • Yield per meter square

Farmers response, comments, any issue and its solution;

  • Farmers were happy with the performance of wheat variety (Fakhar e Bhakkar) in general as it clearly demonstrated its superiority over other wheat varieties already being planted by them.
  • However, they were concerned about the sudden rise in temperature during current cropping season that forced crop to mature about 10 days early thereby affecting grain development. It is feared that this sudden rise in temperature may decrease crop yield by 10-15 percent.
  • Moreover, non-availability of fertilizer especially urea at critical stage also affected crop condition adversely. Due to this issue, overall wheat yield will be less compared to previous years.
  • Farmers were asked to share seed of approved wheat variety (Fakhar e Bhakkar) with fellow neighboring farming community for large scale dissemination of seed.